Ellen: Paris Fashion Week & Cat YouTube Videos


Ellen: Drew Barrymore & Aliens

Ellen began the show by talking about aliens, which she seemed to think was an especially relevant topic because one of her guests was Drew Barrymore, who starred in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial as a child.

“I just read an article last week that NASA discovered 27 planets,” Ellen said. “Either that or somebody got crumbs on the microscope.”


Then Ellen started musing on how odd it would be for an alien lived in America.

“If an alien watched this week’s episode of The Bachelor, they’d think Ben‘s crazy to give Courtney a rose,” she said. “Or if aliens saw Gary Busey, they’d think, ‘We were wondering where he went!'”

Ellen: Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture

Paris Fashion Week: Ellen

Ellen shared some of the bizarre haute couture sights from Paris Fashion Week.


Ellen showed pictures from fashion shows in Paris. Hopefully she doctored some of the photos, because the clothes she showed were absolutely ridiculous.

The first picture she showed was of a woman in a strange looking dress with a mask over her face.

The second dress was black with a huge, impractical lower end made of feathers. It blossomed several feet in every direction.

The third dress looked like a golden cocoon.

“In France, they call that couture,” Ellen said. “In America, we call that a Snuggie.”

The last piece Ellen shared was a strange looking outfit for men. It bunched in very odd places that made the model look like a zombie.

Not to sound uncultured, but what are they smoking on that side of the pond?

Ellen: Cat YouTube Videos

Ellen shared some of her favorite recent videos from YouTube.

The first was a cat hiding inside of a drawer. When its owner brought a pen close to the drawer’s opening, the cat reached its paw out to try to attack the pen.

The second was a cat that peeked its head over the side of a bed very slowly.

The third was of a man standing on a bridge. He was reporting on something that got him very upset and he said, “What’s the big [expletive] deal?” and “What in the [expletive] are we doing here?”

“I’m guessing that was his last day,” Ellen said.


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