Ellen on Traveling, Esther the Dancing Grandma & Awkward Selfie Photos


Ellen Hates Traveling on Memorial Day

Ellen wants to warn you to not stay in a hotel. With the holiday weekend coming up, you may be tempted to splurge on a hotel stay, but they are going to bleed every cent out of you that they can. For example, the bottled water in the rooms is not complimentary.

“I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to pay $9 for a drink it better have tequila in it,” Ellen said.


Ellen’s stayed in some pretty shady hotels. They’ve charged her for just tapping a Snickers bar out of place and for other weird fees. Just by taking your credit card when you check in they’ve got you. Resort fees? Why do you have to get charged a resort fee but get tons of ice for free?

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Ellen Meets a Dancing Grandma

Before Ellen left for Australia she saw a hilarious video of a dancing grandma. She boogies all over her porch and front lawn. You can catch her next season on Dancing With the Stars.


Esther, the dancing grandma, is 89 and “still got it all,” she said as she gave a hip thrust. She said her body loves to dance and she gets very happy.

Her granddaughter Chelsea uploaded the video that then got three million views. Ellen and Esther cut a rug together.

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Ellen on Traveling, Esther the Dancing Grandma & Awkward Selfie Photos

Ellen got to meet and dance with Esther the dancing grandma. Esther’s YouTube video has over three million hits and she said dancing makes her body happy.

Ellen: Dr Ivanna Sehar Butt & Awkward Selfie Photos

Amanda sent in a Facebook photo she saw on a friend’s wall. The caption read, “Babe caught me sleeping. Love him. Good night from us.” The problem is that she had a mirror behind her, which reflected herself taking the photo. Acca-awkward selfie.

Tori was looking for glasses at the mall. She snapped a photo of the doctor’s nametag that helped her, “Dr Sehar Butt.” Ellen guessed that her first name might be “Ivanna.”

“Ivanna Sehar Butt,” Ellen laughed.

Ben found a sign on his way home one day. The St. Michael Community School in Canada was having “Lenten Mass, Report Cards, 3-Ways and Good Friday.”

“Now, where I went to school we just played dodgeball,” Ellen said.

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Best Web Videos: Cat Scars Dog & Little Girl Tries to Get a Drink

Ellen wants you to put down the YouTube and got get some exercise this weekend. So she’s showing all of the best web videos to you today. First up, a little kitten was creeping around a large dog. You think the dog is going to gobble the cat up, but then the cat scares the dog.

Next, a little girl was trying to work a foot press water fountain. She wasn’t able to coordinate the pressing and drinking. She went back and forth for a while until she asked her dad, who was filming to help her. She was nice about it, but Ellen thought she should have said, “Put the camera down and help me, daddy!”

My favorite of these web videos was a commercial for soap. The guy is showering and he comes out. Another guy in the locker room throws him a basketball which he then cuts open to reveal a watermelon. It’s a commercial for fruit! No, wait, there is a bar of soap way down in the fruit. It was for Old Spice soap all along.



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