Ellen: Nicki Minaj “Bed of Lies” Performance Featuring Skylar Grey


Ellen: Nicki Minaj “Bed of Lies” Performance

Nicki Minaj came by Ellen to perform her song “Bed of Lies” off her new album The Pink PrintSkylar Grey is on the track and she came by, too, to sing and play the piano.

Nicki Minaj came by Ellen to perform her song "Bed of Lies" featuring Skylar Grey from her new album The Pink Print. (image credit: Amy Nichole Harris/Shutterstock.com)

Nicki Minaj came by Ellen to perform her song “Bed of Lies” featuring Skylar Grey from her new album ‘The Pink Print.’ (Amy Nichole Harris/Shutterstock.com)


Ellen TV: Nicki Minaj Performance

This was a very cool, understated performance, especially considering Nicki Minaj made a lot of headlines and a lot of eyebrows raise when she released the video for “Anaconda.” You know the video I mean. This was more calling back to her “Super Bass” days, when her raps weren’t designed to make headlines, they were actually saying something.

This is a more subdued, serious song. Nicki Minaj was even dressed more subdued than usual, wearing a black blazer over a black top, leggings, and a number of shiny gold chains.

Ellen: Nicki Minaj “Bed of Lies” Lyrics

It also had a good message, with Nicki repeating, “They say that your darkest hour comes before the dawn.”This is a much better message, I think, then the sample “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.” I mean, this song actually has some feeling to it. Nicki really got into her performance and looked angry the whole time, really putting everything she had behind the performance. It was a touching performance and really hit home. This was a nice change of pace for Nicki Minaj, in my opinion.


Ellen TV: Skylar Grey Performance

Skylar Grey was also a nice part of this performance. People keep telling me she’ll be the Next Big Thing, but I’ve never been sure. I have a friend who swears this time next year we’ll all be talking about Skylar. This song definitely showcases her well. Her voice has a nice tone to it and even though her piano playing was minimalist at best, it fit the song and her voice well.


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