Ellen: Napa Valley = Twitter’s Happiest City & Ellen’s Facetime Mishap


Ellen: Facetime Troubles

In California there is a no texting while driving rule. If you’re using your phone, your hands must be free to drive. Ellen said she drives with her phone between her legs. When she gets a call, it goes through her radio speakers and shuts off her music.

One day, as she was driving, her music shut off. She looked down after a minute to see her phone was Facetiming her friend Jared. This definitely proves we’re in a new age. Out with butt dialing and in with crotch dialing.


Ellen Twitter Followers

Ellen just reached 17 million followers on Twitter! To celebrate, she had a scandalous picture of, who else, Tony the DJ! Head over to Ellen’s Twitter to get a glimpse of the man action.

Ellen: Napa Valley = Twitter’s Happiest City

Twitter recently did a study of over 10 million tweets to find out what the happiest city in America was. They picked the place with the happiest words in its tweets and found Napa Valley, California to be the happiest city in America. What’s not to love about 72 degrees year-round wine country?


Ellen sent her reporter Amy to check out just what makes Napa Valley so happy. Turns out, it’s the wine. Amy had quite a bit of red and white and the mixture got her falling over she was just so happy!

“I think you’re just a little bit drunk,” Ellen told Amy.

“And I think you’re just a little bit beautiful!” Amy managed before tipping over.

Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy

Ellen: Napa Valley = Twitter's Happiest City & Ellen's Facetime Mishap

Some of these clumsy thumbs probably came from Napa Valley, Twitter’s happiest city in America.

Autocorrect tries to make you look smarter, but really it just makes you look raunchy.

  • A – I can’t download the picture. Can you see it?
  • B – I can.
  • A – Maybe I need to turn on my wife.
  • A – I mean WIFI.
  • B – I’ll turn on your wife if you don’t want to.

Sometimes autocorrect doesn’t realize it needs to let you do your thing.

  • A – Busy today, dad?
  • B – Not really.
  • A – Let’s go do 9 hoes!
  • A – Haha 9 HOLES.
  • B – I’m 62. Sadly my hoe days are over.


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