Ellen: Monday Night Football and Hollywood Walk of Fame Update


Ellen: Monday Night Football Referee Controversy

Ellen: Monday Night Football and Hollywood Walk of Fame Update

Ellen checked in on her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on September 26. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“If you’re not into football, don’t change the channel!” Ellen advised. She began her monologue with a discussion on the recent football replacement referee controversy, and the bad call on the recent Packers/Seahawks game.


“We’ve all made bad calls in life… I’ve had a mullet, for crying out loud,” Ellen said as she explained the game’s unfair ending. Football is a lot more entertaining when Ellen is describing it!

Ellen: Gangnam Style Audience Dancing

It’s received millions and millions of hits on Youtube, and it’s currently Ellen’s favorite video. Everyone is crazy for Psy and his mega-hit “Gangnam Style;” especially the Ellen audience! They showed off some of the best copycat moves; some were a little better than others!

Ellen: Kind Political Campaigns

With the political season now heating up as we count down to the 2012 Presidential Elections, everyone gets sick of hearing negative campaign rhetoric. Therefore, Ellen has the perfect solution: what about some kind campaigns?


They may not be real, but Ellen’s doctored “kind campaign” videos sure are funny. Where else can you hear Vice President Joe Biden say “Governor Romney and his Republican friends in congress don’t have to get nose jobs!”

Ellen: Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Update

Ellen was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Since that time, one of her new favorite pastimes has been to spy on the people who visit her star with a hidden camera. Today, Ellen got to meet tourists from Slovakia, Australia, and even an L.A. native. She also met T.K. from South Africa, who has always wanted to visit the Ellen show. Ellen forced– I mean, asked–T.K. to take a photo with her star, and then suggested she bring her a latte from Starbucks (she said she’d pay her back). Hey– at least she gets to visit Ellen!


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