Ellen: McDonald’s Tattoo, Frasier Tattoos & Red Panda Snow VIdeo


Ellen: Bad Paid For Tattoos

Have you ever gotten a tattoo and lived to regret it? You can add your name to the ranks of these people, who sent in tattoos that probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but they have since come to regret.

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Ellen: Puerto Rico Tattoo

John from Pennsylvania sent in a photo of his friend’s tattoo. He explained that his friend has a lot of pride in his heritage, but he is probably less proud of the way his tattoo turned out. It spans the entire length of his back and is misspelled as “Puerto Rirco.”

Ellen: McDonald's Tattoo

Could you imagine loving fast food enough to get a McDonald's logo tattooed on your chest? (Image Credit: Tomasz Bidermann / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: McDonald’s Tattoo

Rebecca in Florida sent in a tattoo of someone with a whole back tattoo of the McDonald’s iconic M, and a banner with the slogan “Always Loving It.” In the tattoo’s defense, the artist did a nice job on the detail work. But still, you can’t love a Big Mac that much.


Ellen: Frasier Tattoos

Anette from Oregon shared a man’s multiple leg tattoos. He must be a Frasier super fan, because not only does he have the show’s logo, including the full Seattle skyline, but also the face of Kelsey Grammer, wearing headphones as his TV character, radio host Frasier Crane.

I’m glad we don’t all have our passions and favorite things tattooed on our bodies, because that could lead to some awkward moments with family members or even strangers at the supermarket. What if someone you know had a Cabbage Patch Doll tattoo?

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Ellen: Where’s Waldo Tattoo

Cathy in Kentucky showed off her son’s Where’s Waldo tattoo, which shows Waldo popping out above a nipple. I can only imagine the thought process and intoxication level that went into that decision.

Ellen: Red Panda Video

Ellen DeGeneres found out that DJ Tony had never seen a video of a Red Panda. She put an end to that by digging up a web video of a baby Red Panda playing with a pumpkin in the show.

It is a good palate cleanser after all those horrible tattoos.

Watch the Red Panda Video on YouTube.


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