Ellen Learns Snail Life Lessons & Mommy Wins Mother’s Day Giveaway


Ellen Learns Life Lessons From a Snail

Ellen Learns Snail Life Lessons & Mommy Wins Mother's Day Giveaway

Ellen learned life lessons from a snail in a parking lot, which was really a rock. Ellen gave a mommy-to-be all of her Mother’s Day Giveaway prizes.

Ellen said she was leaving work the other day on a misty Los Angeles day. She was juggling a lot of things and worried about getting home in all of the traffic. She looked down and almost squashed a snail.


“There I was, this Hollywood glamour queen, and it stopped me in my tracks,” Ellen said.

She said it was a slimy disgusting reminder to slow down. She invented this huge, elaborate tale of a snail going home to his snail family and his snail wife making a bland snail risotto. Ellen almost ended the life of this poor snail that was trying to get home to his snail kids.

She bent to pick it up and found out that it was a rock. Ellen’s story quickly turned from a beautiful reminder to slow down to a lesson in why Ellen DeGeneres needs to buy glasses.


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Ellen, Here’s My Talent: Mimicking Celebrity Voices

Ellen is still looking for weird talents. She wants to give one person $10,000 for their awesome talent. Today’s contestants were more than a little freakish. First, a man clapped with just one hand and then with both hands, but still with one hand. It was confusing.

My favorite talent so far was a guy from Boston who could mimic celebrity voices. He did a pretty good Michael J Fox and Ice T, but I would like to see more. I want to see him do some classics, like Christopher Walken.

Finally, a girl jumped rope with her butt. No joke, she jumped rope with her butt.  

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Mother’s Day Giveaway To a Mom In Need

Ellen had her big Mother’s Day show on May 10 and she wanted to give one mommy-to-be a big Ellen surprise. Julie found out at a young age that she wouldn’t be able to carry a baby. She and her husband prayed and paid a lot of money to get a surrogate mother for their baby. Julie wrote in to Ellen and Jeanie went to Julie to give her a huge surprise.

Julie’s baby is due in four weeks so it’s a good thing Ellen showed up when she did. Julie got strollers, car seats, jewelry, diapers, bath accessories and so, so much more.

To top everything off, Julie’s home was flooded just a few weeks ago and their basement was ruined. The surprises were welcome because now they can put money toward fixing their home for the new baby.

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