Ellen: Be Kind To One Another + How To Twerk & Scandal Premiere


Ellen: Be Kind To One Another

Ellen DeGeneres started her show by saying that it was the 12th season doing the show and over the years she’s shared a lot about what’s going on in her life. Ellen then asked one woman in the audience to come down and play a game with her. Her name was Jo Jo and she was from San Diego.

Ellen: Be Kind To One Another + How To Twerk & Scandal Premiere

Ellen kicked off her show by playing a game with one of audience members, featuring the positive catch phrase she says at the end of each show. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen explained that she was going to ask her questions about herself and her show, and if she answered them correctly, she would get a prize. Ellen said if she doesn’t know the right answer, she would have to give Ellen something from her purse. Ellen said she got to choose what it was from her purse that she got to keep.

Ellen told a story of how a woman came up to her while she was walking in the park to tell her that she loved her show and loved what she says at the end of every show. “Love one another.” But as Ellen pointed out, that’s not what she says. She asked Jo Jo what she actually says and Jo Jo answered, “Be kind to one another.” Jo Jo won a $500 Visa gift card for answering correctly.

Ellen TV: Favorite Animal + How To Twerk

Ellen then asked Jo Jo, besides kitten and puppies, what is her third favorite animal? Jo Jo said sloths, which was wrong. Ellen then grabbed Jo Jo’s wallet out of her purse. She said the correct answer was goats. Ellen then said on the count of three they were both going to say the word they were both thinking of. After three, Jo Jo said “goat” and Ellen said “lawn chair.” They tried again and that time they both said “hair.” Jo Jo then got a $1,000 IKEA gift card.


Ellen then said she recently learned how to twerk for Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video. She then shared the behind the scenes videos of Ellen learning how to dance for the video. Jo Jo then had to show Ellen her version of the twerk. After doing so she won a $1,500 Target gift card.

Ellen: Scandal Season Premiere

Ellen then announced that the cast of Scandal was going to be on her show. Ellen said she loves the show, and her wife Portia will be on the show this season, which makes it even more exciting. Scandal will be premiering Thursday, September 25!

Ellen then shared that she actually had a small part in Scandal last season, and she did a scene with Kerry Washington and Joe Morton. Ellen then played a scene of Kerry Washington and Joe Morton at the airport, and then a large yellow arrow pointed out a flight attendant in the background that was supposedly Ellen.


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