Ellen: Kevin the Cashier Toys R Us & New Hospital Gown Design Review


Ellen Staff Facebook Photos

Ellen’s staff is hilarious and it shows in her monologues, segments and Facebook photos. They went out over the weekend and Ellen decided to exploit their fun on air. The ladies and men hung out with what look like the next candidates for Ellen’s underwear models.

“All of my staff, you’re meeting with human resources,” Ellen laughed.


Ellen: Kevin the Cashier Toys R Us & New Hospital Gown Design Review

Kevin the Cashier played by Adam struck again. This time, he ate play doh at Toys R Us to freak customers out. Also, America redesigned the hospital gown.

Ellen’s Favorite Moments

From season five, Ellen had Jenna Bush on the show around Christmas time. Her father, George W Bush, was still in office at the time and Ellen wanted to call him up. While Jenna was hesitant, she did make the call and they talked to President and Mrs. Bush. Ellen told him that Jenna was worried he wouldn’t like being called and wouldn’t give her any Christmas presents.

“Tell my little girl I love her,” he said.


New Hospital Gowns: Take That China

China may currently lead the world in renewable energy, but Americans are good at plenty of other things.

Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan is redesigning the hospital gown. It now covers all of your junk and the trunk. Ellen’s staffer Dave said he still prefers the old style.

Kevin the Cashier Played By Adam

Ellen said she’s not good at the “dumb stuff, like math and science,” but she’s good at pranking people. She sent her writer Adam to Toys R Us for another segment of Kevin the Cashier. He joked around with customers and gave them play doh, but without the containers. He joked that he had to ride a trike to price check.

Kevin the Cashier ate some play doh and tried to shove really big boxes into tiny bags. He tried to open security boxes by throwing them on the ground and breaking them open. Hey, it worked.

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