Ellen: Kevin Nealon Performs Las Vegas Weddings


Ellen: Kevin Nealon 50 Shades Of Grey Review

Comedian Kevin Nealon is worn out, thanks to his wife’s latest obsession, the erotic novel 50 Shades Of Grey. Recently, the show featured Ellen’s Audiobook Audition, and Dr Oz Examined 50 Shades Of Grey.

Like many readers, Kevin said his wife is inspired by the book and always wants to try new things. “I said, ‘That looks like it’s going to hurt,” he said. “They should call it 50 Shades Of Black and Blue, I think.”


Ellen: Kevin Nealon Weddings

Surprised Las Vegas couples got the chance to have their wedding ceremony performed by comedian Kevin Nealon. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Kevin Nealon Weddings

If you could have one celebrity officiate your wedding, who would you choose? To put it another way, would you ever consider Kevin Nealon?

Kevin Nealon has made his career in comedy, but lately he’s wanted to branch out. One of his dreams was to be a minister, but he kept putting it off because he assumed it required a lot of time and commitment. He was surprised to learn he could get ordained online in just a few minutes.


Once he did that, he invited Ellen’s cameras to follow him to Las Vegas and attempt to perform weddings for strangers. He headed to the Caesar’s Palace casino, where he met couples and cougars, none of whom were in a hurry to get married. No matter where he approached people–by the pool, at the escalator–he kept striking out.

Ellen: Kevin Nealon Shotgun Vegas Wedding

But he did meet a nice older Asian couple who have been married 44 years. They must have the secret on lock. However, they were not anxious to share what’s kept them together for decades.

Finally, Kevin ran into a couple who had just become engaged the previous night. They agreed to get married at the Little White Chapel on Ellen’s show. He even threw an impromptu bachelorette party featuring the men of Thunder From Down Under. She seemed to enjoy her surprise.

Kevin began the ceremony with Prince lyrics, but promptly forgot the couple’s names. I wonder if this was the point where they started regretting this. At least the Asian couple was enjoying the ceremony.

Even Carrot Top popped by with some silly props and the couple’s rings. I would not trust Carrot Top with anything of value. Finally, Kevin Nealon pronounced the couple married, but his desire to get couples hitched was far from satiated.

Ellen: Kevin Nealon Drive Thru Vegas Weddings

Kevin did a whirlwind tour of Vegas wedding chapels, even taking over for an Elvis impersonator at one point. His vows included “not start a serious conversation about relationships after 11:00,” “until death, to watch The Ellen Show,” and “not to get mad at anything he does in any of your weird dreams.” You can even get fast food with your marriage at certain Las Vegas wedding chapel drive thrus. No wonder Britney Spears has been on this circus so many times before.

I guess I could think of worse wedding officiants than Kevin Nealon. Carrot Top would be a worse choice, for example. “It’s nice to think about someone other than yourself,” he said.

Ellen: Kevin Nealon Ordination

Ellen presented Kevin with his framed certificate of ordination, to prove the weddings were legitimate. Kevin Nealon is currently touring and performing standup comedy. He’s returning to Showtime for an eighth season of Weeds, which premieres Sunday July 1 2012.


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