Ellen: Just Kid Ink To Do Lists & Drawings & Andy Works From Australia


Ellen: Australia Photos

Ellen took so many photos while she was in Australia. Some of her favorites were Jeanie and a Qantas kangaroo, landing in Australia Ellen logo on the Qantas plane… Qantas was everywhere! The ultimate photo bomber.

A lot of staff brought their family with them. Andy brought his son with his and they had a fun time waiting and waiting for the plane and tram. Andy then decided to sit in his airplane seat like a little kid. By the end, Andy was tweeting sad faces to go home and had no idea where his kids went. They’re probably still with the roos in Australia.


The long awaited Ellen down underwear models got a great photo. They wore pink Ellen underwear and had the ladies screaming for more.

Ellen: Just Kid Ink To Do Lists & Drawings & Andy Works From Australia

Ellen had parents send in their kid’s funniest drawings and letters in Just Kid Ink.


Ellen: Are You Proud To Be An American?

DJ Tony has been an American for a little over four months now. Congratulations, Tony! I’m glad that Honey Boo Boo didn’t scare you off.

Ellen read some facts that people are using to compare the U.S. to China. America owes China over a trillion dollars. Three out of two Americans don’t understand fractions, while China is number one in math. They’re seriously hard, guys. That’s why I’m a writer.

Ellen decided to show some of the awesome things Americans do. Kids are doing hallways swimming, which is seriously impressive. American college students are hanging out at Walmart in their free time, playing with the bouncy balls and being cool. Also, Americans invented glasses that let you watch TV while laying down. Take that, China.

Ellen: Just Kid Ink

Are you ready for some adorable kid drawings and letters? Liz Bird sent in her son’s bedroom rules. Rule number three is “no scratchin’ your areas.” Good rule, Nathan!

Betsy sent in her son’s note from Boy Scouts, which was a to do list for the week. Number four is “do the biches.” I think he spelled dishes wrong. Awkward.


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