Ellen: Jogging Health Benefits & In Your Facebook Status Updates


Ellen: Jogging & Running Exercise Habits

Ellen DeGeneres revealed the shocking truth behind weight loss. The best way to get lasting results involves eating right and exercising regularly. Of course this is common knowledge, but Ellen said it can be hard to find the right workout for your lifestyle.

She said she doesn’t run due to her bad knees, preferring to walk or hike instead, joking that she likes to take a shortcut through the mall on her way to work and motivate mall walkers to become mall runners.


She also observed that there are different types of joggers, including those who jog in place while waiting for red lights. Ellen noted that most of us will take any excuse to stop running. “But some people are so committed that they won’t let anything stop them from getting out and exercising,” she said, such as people who exercise in the rain.

Ellen: Jogging & Running

Jogging & Running have a variety of health benefits, but Ellen pointed out they also give us plenty to laugh at.

Ellen said parents who don’t let their children slow them down are also amazing, referencing one super mom she recently saw out with a stroller, dogs, and much more. She also called out people who jog barefoot. “It seems like the more serious people are about running, the less clothing they wear,” she said, wishing that people would have the courtesy to stretch indoors before beginning their runs.


What are your exercise habits? Do you like to people watch when people are out exercising?

Ellen Vs Michelle Obama

Ellen recalled her recent showdown with First Lady Michelle Obama. The two faced off in a Push Up Contest earlier this year. “All I’m going to say is, she’s the only First Lady to ever beat me in a Push Up Contest,” Ellen said. “Although one time at a party, Nancy Reagan came very close.”

She sent the First Lady a photo of their contest, and Mrs. Obama sent one back. Ellen implied that Mrs. Obama wasn’t doing very deep Push Ups, suggesting that might have something to do with the results.

Michelle Obama was a scheduled guest on today’s show, and surely Ellen will confront her about this later on.

Ellen: In Your Facebook Funny Status Updates

Since she is determined to rip off everything on the Internet, Ellen debuted a new segment featuring humorous status updates shared by Facebook users, and the comments they’ve incited.

  • Ashley: I’ve decided im goin to collage sighnin up tomarow!
  • Britani: college *
  • Britani: signing *
  • Britani: tomorrow *
  • Britani: How about hitting up elementary first?

Here is another observation courtesy of the Facebook community.

  • Emily: Does anyone know of a cheap tanning place?
  • Lauren: Outside

I wonder if this next girl is having more troubles with her relationship or her English classes.

  • Alicia: I feel like my hart is missing something.
  • Marcus: An e.

“Sometimes people put things on Facebook that maybe should be said privately,” Ellen said, which most Facebook users would say is true of at least a couple of their online friends. Here is an example.

  • Karen: Never lose heart…Never lose hope…Never lose faith…Never give up.
  • Brent: Then why’d we get a divorce?
  • Karen: Because you got my sister pregnant?

Ellen: Cat Video

Ellen found a Cat Video online. The cat is nursing on a bottle and making a strange sound Ellen said she’d never heard before. I’m almost certain that video is doctored, but wouldn’t Ellen’s have looked into that?

Ellen: Skateboarding Video

Ellen shared a video of skateboarders on a giant ramp doing four 360 degree turns in the air, which is definitely more impressive than that whining cat.

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday

Here is weekly Ellen’s Classic Joke for DJ Tony.

  • Why did the suspenders get arrested?
  • They held up a pair of pants.

(At least DJ Tony thought it was funny.)

Ellen Dance Song: “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”

Ellen mentioned that dance, like jogging, is a great way to get exercise. She and the audience demonstrated to the C+C Music Factory song “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).”

Download an MP3 of “Everybody Dance Now” by C+C Music Factory.


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