Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Strips & Ellen’s 54th Birthday


Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Strips

Ellen‘s show began with a live video feed from Jimmy Kimmel. He was dressed in a tuxedo.

“It’s Jimmy Kimmel,” he said. “I’m here to surprise her for her birthday show.”


JimmyJimmy…I’m right here,” Ellen said as the camera pulled out to reveal that she was sitting in the same room as Jimmy.

Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Strips

Jimmy Kimmel strips and attempts to entertain Ellen with his half naked dancing, birthday slideshow & poker set gift. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“So it’s not a surprise?” Jimmy asked.


“It’s not a surprise to anybody,” Ellen said. “It’s in the paper.”

“Well I bet you didn’t know I was going to strip!” Jimmy said. He attempted to tear his pants off but failed and ended up on the floor.

“Can you help me?” he asked Ellen.

“No,” she said. “I’m going to start the show.”

As she walked away she shook her head and said “Wow” at how pathetic Jimmy was.

Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Birthday Suit & Half Naked Dance

Ellen walked out onstage and said, “I want to wish some one a very happy birthday: ME!”

“I wore my birthday suit for you and then the censors made me put this on,” she said, gesturing at the suit she was wearing.

“I told everyone I don’t want gifts at all and my staff listened and now they’re fired,” Ellen joked.

She said in all honesty that she didn’t want anything for her birthday. Then she gestured to the audience and said, “Your presence is my present.”

“Who could ask for anything more?” she asked.

Apparently there was one thing she did want for her birthday.

“I asked for my birthday to have a co-host,” she said. “Please welcome the very handsome, the very lovable, the very funny Jimmy Kimmel.”

Jimmy walked out onstage in the top half of his tuxedo intact but without pants. He joked about how he finally got his pants off.

Then Jimmy dancing through the audience in the same way that Ellen often does. As he danced, he seemed to be playing up his outfit and pretending he was a stripper.

Ellen: $5,000 Childhood Picture

Ellen announced that she had collected pictures for her “A Picture Is Worth $5,000” contest. Jimmy said he compiled them all into a video montage for Ellen‘s birthday, but first he wanted to submit his own photo for the contest.

The picture he submitted was hysterical. It showed Jimmy and Ellen dressed in cheesy retro 80’s outfits with mullets. “That was a pretty wild night,” Jimmy joked. “I think they had to close that motel down.”

Then Jimmy introduced the other pictures. “I took all the pictures from the contest,” he said. “We put them together in a video montage.”

The video was narrated by Jimmy. It was absolutely hysterical.

“Two years ago, I saved Ellen from a deadly panda attack which makes me a guardian angel,” Jimmy said in the video, referencing his visit to the show when one of Ellen‘s stagehands dressed up to scare her and Jimmy tackled him.

The video showed many pictures of Ellen from different stages in her life. Some were of her as a child. As the pictures came on the screen, Jimmy‘s narration would provide a hilarious fictitious context for the picture.

The pictures that won were submitted by a fan named Susan. They showed Ellen spending time as a child at Camp Jimmy. Out of gratitude for saving such long forgotten pictures and sending them in, Ellen gave Susan the $5,000 prize.

Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Poker Set

Jimmy handed Ellen a purple birthday bag. “I don’t normally endorse bags because I think it’s a lazy way of wrapping,” he said.

Ellen took the bag and pulled out a poker set. When she opened it, she found that the chips all had either her face, Jimmy‘s face, or her wife Portia‘s face on them. She laughed about how now she can raise some one a Portia and a Jimmy when she’s playing poker.


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