Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress & Administrative Professional Day


Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress Gets 15 Million Views

Over 15 million people flooded Ellen’s website the other day after Jennifer Love Hewitt came out in a very small dress that left nothing to be imagined. Ellen was so surprised when she saw the dress she had to ask if it was finished being sewn together, and Matthew Perry couldn’t even look at Jennifer Love Hewitt for fear of seeing something he shouldn’t have. Ellen said the dress was so provocative that even Sofia Vergara would have thought the dress was scandalous.

Ellen got thousands of comments on the dress and she said they were more polarizing than Matthew Perry’s jokes. Check out some of Ellen’s favorite comments below.


Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Dress & Administrative Professional Day

Ellen looked at some of the thousands of comments she got on her website about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dress and celebrated Administrative Professionals Day. (image credit: Featureflash, Shutterstock.com)

Pat – Why can’t women of today cover up their bodies. Don’t they know how to make men wonder? – Ellen said there was a lot left to the imagination like where did the rest of the dress go, how did it support her and what other dresses did she try on before she thought to herself ‘this is the one.’

Missy – Chandler just went bing!


Leemie43 – OMG! Ellen’s hair looks so cute when it is up. – Ellen said that was literally the only comment about her hair from that day.

Jan – You are on TV in the middle of the day!!! Cover up!!! – Ellen said she is thinking about doing an Ellen After Dark episode for all the people who DVR her show so they wont have to clog up their DVR queue.

Joe – Best! Dress! Ever! – Joe really loves fashion

Wolfy – I wore out the pause button on the video. If I had a body like Jenny Love, I would walk around naked all the time. – Ellen was pretty sure the comment was left by Wolf Blitzer.

John K – How did you let Jennifer walk out with that dress on? – Ellen said she usually doesn’t dress her guests before the show and said she didn’t see the dress until Jennifer Love Hewitt walked out with it on. They might need to start a dress code on set.

Whether you liked the video or not, Ellen said she has a new item in her shop for all the people who want their TV programs a bit more wholesome. Watch the video below to find out what it is and how it works.

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Ellen: Administrative Professionals Day Prank Call

Today is Administrative Professionals Day and to celebrate, Ellen decided to thank all the people around the studio who helped her make Ellen the best daytime talk show for the past 10 years. She told the one red haired girl thank you and the guy with the yellow pants. She said he does a great job doing something on the show. While she did joke about not knowing the names of her employees, Ellen said she is seriously thankful for all of them and she does know all their names.

Anyways, to have a little fun during Administrative Professionals Day, Ellen decided to prank call one of the assistants on the show, Jacqueline. Jacqueline is one of the assistants for a producer on the show and Ellen prank called her and found out Andy has asked some pretty weird things from his assistant  He once asked Jacqueline to go to Walmart and buy every single electronic cigarette they had until the store ran out.

I think Ellen had some more jokes for the segment but the electronic cigarette story really threw her. You can see what I mean in the video below.

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