Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Stalks Clint Eastwood & First Time Co-Hosting


Ellen Behind the Scenes

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Stalks Clint Eastwood & First Time Co-Hosting

Jennifer Aniston stalked Clint Eastwood in a really embarrassing cellphone video. Ellen tried to make her friend welcome for her first time co-hosting. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Not a lot of people get to see behind the scenes at Ellen. Ellen took us backstage to investigate everything that goes on. All you have to do is wave you hand in front of a panel and the amgical world of Ellen opens to you.


Backstage there are people in costume and people in not a lot of costume. Andy Zenor, for example, was getting his short shorts shortened. The crew from “What’s In The Box?” was playing with their harpist.

As Ellen prepares to go out on stage she takes a sip of water and pops a mint. Sometimes the mint misses her mouth and she has a large pile of floor mints that show just how often she misses.

Jennifer Aniston Co-Hosts With Ellen

The Know or Go Machine isn’t usually hooked up, but today it was. Don’t worry, Jason the cleaning guy was fine! Next to that is Ellen’s “Talent Holding Room.” It’s where she keep people in case she wants them to co-host. There she found Lauren Graham, reading her book Someday Someday Maybe, Howie Mandel waiting for his May 29 episode and Carrot Top hanging out with a few different wigs. Kevin Nealon and Lincoln were talking about Weeds andJennifer Aniston was hanging out with a People Magazine.


Wait, Jennifer Aniston! Ellen pulled her out of the “Talent Holding Room” to co-host for the day. Ellen didn’t want Tony to feel left out, so the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, came out.

This is Aniston’s first time co-hosting a show, ever. She said that helping the world smile like Ellen does every day was going to be amazing.

Jennifer Aniston Stalks Clint Eastwood

Celebrities are just like us. If you saw Clint Eastwood sitting at a stoplight next to you, wouldn’t you take an incredibly creepy cellphone video? Of course you would, it’s Clint Eastwood! That’s why Jennifer Aniston is just like the rest of us.

Ellen wanted to surprise her gal pal with Eastwood on the show, but he was out of town. Instead, Ellen played a video that Jennifer took on her cellphone. Other than being completely mortified, Jen was just fine.

“I will never forgive myself,” Jennifer said in the video. She tried to guess where he was going and said to never do that.


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