Ellen: Instagram Followers No Pants & Kacey Musgraves Blowin’ Smoke


Ellen: Instagram Followers

Ellen loves to share her life with her fans. She likes posting to Instagram whenever she’s out and about or wants to share a funny photo. She decided to share some of her favorite pics from her followers.

Ellen: Instagram Followers No Pants & Kacey Musgraves Blowin' Smoke

Ellen said her Instagram followers love to show off their underwear.


On Instagram, the biggest thing is the selfie. You hold your arm out and you snap a picture. It’s not the greatest trend, but it’s hard not to conform. Ellen also said even ducks are embarrassed by duck face and this is a trend that needs to die.

Ellen’s followers seem to hate two things: shirts and pants. They galavant around in their underwear taking selfies wherever they go.

Ellen: Password Minder Protector Minder

Do you think it’s a safe idea to keep all of your passwords in one place? The creators of the Password Minder do. For $10 you just put the passwords, websites and special info in one alphabetical book. You might as well just buy an address book.


If you don’t want to risk someone finding your Password Minder, Ellen is selling the Password Minder Protector. It’s a wooden box that you can put the notebook in and lock. But, Ellen, what if we forget the combination? Well, friends, then Ellen offers you the Password Minder Protecter Minder. It’s pocket sized and will keep the combination handy.

Please don’t buy this product.

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Ellen: Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park

Kacey Musgraves is being called the next Taylor Swift. She certainly is different from bubblegum pop TSwift. She’s more like Miranda Lambert to me. She’s got a great sound and her song “Blowin’ Smoke” reminds me of The Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl.” It’s a rock and old country feel.

I like that you can hear Musgraves’ twang. With a lot of country songs today you can’t hear that they are from the South. Musgraves played her guitar while she performed, also another good indicator of her talent.

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