Ellen In Your Ear: JC Penney Portrait Studio Prank


Ellen: JC Penney Portrait Studio

When’s the last time you went to a JC Penney on purpose? Just going to a mall doesn’t count. Ellen DeGeneres is probably contractually obligated to remind you that JC Penney has a portrait studio, which presents another interesting question: when’s the last time you had professional portraits done?

Apparently there are enough people still doing this in the digital age that Ellen got a comedy segment out of it.


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Ellen: Portrait Studio Prank

Ellen sent her writer to JC Penney to pull pranks on customers in the portrait studio.

Ellen In Your Ear: JC Penney Portraits

Ellen sent her writer, Amy, to the JC Penney portrait studio in Glendale, California. Ellen In Your Ear is Ellen’s Candid Camera-style segment, where she instructs someone on ridiculous things to say and do to unsuspecting prank victims who don’t know they’re on TV.


Amy had Ellen in her ear and was tasked with pretending to be a photographer and embarrassing portrait studio customers.

First up was a redheaded woman, and Ellen had Amy say “hi” constantly, asking her to turn to the side and think of happy things. Amy doesn’t seem that skilled at repeating what Ellen says to her.

Ellen had Amy instruct her customer to imagine a canary on her finger, petting it and imagining it flying away. The woman was understandably confused but was a good sport. Later, she had her pretend to be a canary.

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Ellen: JC Penney Portrait Couple Prank

Next up was a couple, and Ellen made Amy tell them she usually shoots nudes. Then she had Amy tell them to scoot back, eventually making bawk noises like a chicken.

The couple’s names were Aaron and Kim, and Ellen made Amy instruct Aaron to hold Kim’s right leg while lifting his own left leg. Then it got more complicated, sort of like a vertical version of Twister.

Next, Ellen made Amy crawl on the ground with her camera, to get a different angle. She crawled on the floor, laid on her back and took a picture of them from below. I would be afraid that’s how I would be treated at the JC Penney portrait studio.

In case they don’t have a digital camera, Ellen gave her whole audience $100 JC Penney gift cards.


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