Ellen In Your Ear: Halloween Michael’s Arts & Crafts with Writer Amy


Ellen In Your Ear with Amy

“Right now it’s time for ‘Ellen in my Ear!'” Ellen said. “Today I am going to be in the ear of my writer Amy.”

Amy was dressed up as a Michael’s employee and was leading an arts and crafts tutorial. Everything she did and said was at Ellen‘s command.


First Amy addressed her arts and crafts students.

“Hello everybody,” she said. “If I haven’t said, my name is Marsha

From here, things got weird…real weird.


Ellen: Halloween Michael’s Arts & Crafts Project

“I’m gonna call you my little pumpkins!” Amy said to her slightly concerned students. Her students ranged from young middle-school aged children to grown adults.

“Ok my little pumpkins, it’s Halloween!” she said. “I love Halloween so much. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.” As she trailed off her redundant and over emphatic I-love-its, she started jumping up and down and wildly shaking her arms.

Ellen: Amy has her students paint their skulls blue

Ellen: Amy has her students paint their skulls blue as part of her Ellen in Your Ear segment (Image Credit: Lev Radin / Shutterstock.com)

“Ok my little pumpkins, let’s have some fun!” she said once she stopped jumping. “Let’s start with painting your skulls blue. Don’t be scared of it.”

All of the students had pretend skulls in front of them and they started painting them a color that looked like robin’s egg blue. To make sure that no one applied the paint to gingerly, she went to one of her students and poured blue paint all over that student’s pretend skull.

She started walking around the table to check each of their skulls and as she walks, she pats the head of each of her students. It was bizarre.

“This makes me so happy,” she said. “I love doing crafts!”

She started jumping up and down and skipping in place.

“I have to skip. I have to skip,” she said. “I’m too happy.”

The funniest part in the whole gag was when Amy said to her students, “You guys, guess how long I’ve been doing this.”

One of the students responded, “Probably too long.”

“Not long enough!” Amy said. “It took me a while to have a comeback but I did!”

Then Amy started walking around the table making what she called scary Halloween noises.

“You know what else is scary?” Amy asked her students. “Being on TV. Like right now. Y’all are on the Ellen Degeneres Show!”

Though it wasn’t shown, it’s reasonable to assume that everyone in that room was relieved to hear that Amy wasn’t as nuts as she was pretending to be.


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