Ellen In Your Ear: Ann Curry Hidden Camera Prank


Ellen In Your Ear: Ann Curry

When you think of journalist Ann Curry hidden camera segments, you probably think of undercover investigations. But Ellen DeGeneres had something else in mind. She said she wanted to see if the Today Show‘s Ann Curry would be part of the hysterical segment, Ellen In Your Ear.” The gag is one that has been done by previous guests such as Dennis Quaid. The guest has a secret earbud that allows them to hear Ellen‘s instructions. Then they publicly humiliate themselves upon her command.

Ellen cut to a live shot of Ann Curry in a red dress standing in front of two women at Universal Citywalk. “Ann, if you can hear me, scratch your left cheek,” Ellen said. At first, Ann reached up to scratch her right cheek, but then she corrected herself.


Ellen In Your Ear: Ann Curry Hidden Camera

Ellen controlled the Today's Show's Ann Curry Hidden Camera prank for her Ellen In Your Ear segment. (Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)

“I want you to ask them about affordable family vacations,” Ellen said to Ann. Ann did as Ellen said, and the two women she was interviewing began to respond.

“Put the mic right up against her mouth,” Ellen said. While the woman was talking, Ann pushed the mic right against her mouth. It was pretty funny. Later she told Ann to put the microphone on the speaker’s cheek and then her forehead. Most impressively, Ann did all of this without bursting into laughter.


Then Ann found a new person to interview. At Ellen‘s request, Ann asked the young lady to guess what her favorite food was.

“It’s curry!” Ann said after Ellen told her to. “Get it? It’s my name.”

There was an awkward pause while Ann awaited Ellen‘s instructions and the bewildered passerby absorbed the awfully corny joke.

“Laugh like crazy Ann!” Ellen bade.

Ann Curry Hidden Camera Prank: Ellen In My Ear

Then Ann found four new people to interview. It seemed pretty clear that the three younger people were the children of the fourth person, as he was considerably older than them. Despite this, Ellen told Ann to ask them if they were quadruplets.

“You all have pretty hair,” Ann said as she ran her fingers through each of their hair. She returned to the father and said, “Your hair was particularly soft. Can I touch it again?”

At Ellen‘s command, Ann began running her fingers wildly through his hair to mess it up.

“What kind of conditioner do you use?” she asked him.

The four people seemed like they were tiring of the charade so Ellen told Ann to come clean.

“I’m just so tired because I’ve done two shows today,” Ann said. “I did the Today show and the Ellen Degeneres show and you’re on it right now!”

Ellen: Ann Curry Confronts Ellen

At the end of the show, Ellen invited Ann Curry onto the show to talk about her experience in the “Ellen In Your Ear” segment.

“You have a sick mind, Ellen Degeneres!” Ann Curry said jokingly.

Ellen commended Ann‘s performance. “My fear when I do this with people is that they’re going to break and start laughing,” Ellen said.

“I think I did lose it there,” Ann said, adding that she had fun with the gag.

“Just having you in my mind was a crazy adventure let me tell you it really is,” she said to Ellen. “I liked it though.”

Then Ellen invited the people that Ann talked to onstage and they both walked over to greet them. Both of them hugged the people and Ellen made a point to ruffle the hair of the older gentleman.


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