Ellen In My Ear With Jennifer Aniston & Skippy Bike Guy


Ellen In My Ear

Ellen loves to pull pranks on people. One of her favorite trick is called Ellen In My Ear, where she whispers in the ear of a co-conspirator and makes them do or say silly things to people who aren’t in on the joke. Recently, she recalled some of her Best Ellen In My Ear Gags.

Ellen In My Ear: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston teamed with Ellen to prank a bike delivery guy. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Jennifer Aniston: Ellen In My Ear

Today, Jennifer Aniston teamed up with Ellen to pull a prank on a man delivering a bike to Jennifer’s dressing room. To get her nerves up, Ellen left a drink in the room for Jennifer.

First, the delivery guy rolled the bike into the room, as Jennifer moved the coffee table out of the way. Ellen made Jennifer tell the guy to park the bike gently, making her repeat “gently” multiple times like a crazy person.

Jennifer Aniston Pranks Bike Delivery Guy

Ellen had Jennifer guess the delivery guy’s name. She guessed Glenn, but the guy’s name is actually Skippy. Jennifer asked Skippy if he can keep a secret. Jennifer told Skippy that she is surprising Ellen with the bike.


What would you do if you were being pranked by Jennifer Aniston, the Sexiest Woman of All Time? Next, Ellen told Jennifer to repeat that the bike is pretty.

Jennifer Aniston Makes Bird Calls

When Skippy asked how Jennifer chose the color for her bike, she told him that her nephew’s name is Tangerine. Ellen made Jennifer tell a story about bike riding and bird watching, making Jennifer perform bird calls for an increasingly confused Skippy.

I don’t think I like practical jokes, so I feel awkward and uncomfortable for Skippy, to whom Jennifer said Greasy Chain was her high school nickname. This is ridiculous. Next, Ellen told Jennifer to scratch Jennifer’s back, while the actress kicked her leg like a dog.

Skippy Bike Guy Prank Revealed

Jennifer said she had to ask Skippy a serious question. After a very pregnant pause, Jennifer asked Skippy if he was hitting on her. “No, but I wish I could, actually,” Skippy said, before inviting him to have coffee with Ellen.

Finally, Jennifer let Skippy in on the joke. He was a great sport about everything, and he said his real name is Derek.

Yet again, I have a warning for everyone entering the orbit of Ellen’s show: you are either going to be surprised with fabulous gifts or made the victim of a prank. Be on the lookout for hidden cameras!


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