Ellen: Happy Uranus Day & Clumsy Thumbsy Autocorrect Messages


Ellen: Daylight Saving Time

Ellen DeGeneres told DJ Tony that she can’t believe she forgot to talk about her weekend during Monday’s episode. They decided that Daylight Saving Time was the culprit.

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Ellen: Uranus Day March 13

Ellen observed that March 13 is a special occasion, the day on which Uranus was discovered by a German astronomer, William Herschel, in 1781. “Happy Uranus Day, everybody!” Ellen proclaimed.

Ellen: Uranus Day

March 13 is Uranus Day, celebrating the initial discovery of the seventh planet from the sun.

She thought there should be more revelry for this holiday, and shared some facts about the planet, including that it was one of the last to be discovered, since it’s usually in shadow.


Ellen also mentioned that NASA sent a satellite to the planet in 1986, but budget constraints have kept them from returning there.

Ellen: Uranus National Anthem Lyrics

Ellen’s friend Dave shared a performance of the alleged Uranus National Anthem. Here are the lyrics.

On March 13 in 1781, we found the seventh planet from the sun
Hooray for Uranus, let’s all look up at Uranus
Happy Uranus Day

Clumsy Thumbsy: Fondling The Landlady

Here were today’s outrageous autocorrect photos sent in by embarrassed viewers.

From Tiffany in Missouri:

  • Did you leave yet?
  • No I am still downstairs fondling the landlady.
  • Folding the laundry.

Autocorrect: Sleep With You

From Alyssa in Minnesota:

  • This is Jonathan from KPMG. I just wanted to confirm your interview at 1:30 pm tomorrow.
  • Yes, I will be there. Thank you for confirming. I look forward to sleeping with you.
  • *speaking

Ellen Clumsy Texts: Church On Sunday

From Jordan in Washington:

  • Are you going to church on sudsy?
  • Subway
  • Wow, I give up.
  • Struggling much? lol
  • God is telling me not to go to church.

Text Autocorrect: Mom’s GSPOT

From Sarah in Pennsylvania:

  • Great news!!! I finally found my GSPOT
  • Um. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations!
  • I found it in the back seat of my car.
  • Ok mom now this is just getting weird
  • Huh?
  • Oh God! My GPS!

Ellen: New Orleans Trip

Ellen recently returned to her hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. “New Orleans is where they invented losing an hour,” she said.

She spent some time working with actor and philanthropist Brad Pitt, whose charity is called Make It Right.

“He gave me a tour of all the work he’s done in the Ninth Ward,” she said, adding that she co-hosted a fundraiser with Drew Brees during her visit.

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Ellen: The Help at the House of Blues

Ellen said she also saw her friend Barbara, whom she has known for 30 years, perform at the House of Blues during her trip. Barbara’s band is called The Help, and they have music available online.

She also visited her hometown JC Penney. More highlights from Ellen’s trip will pop up on future episodes.

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Ellen: David Arquette Dance Dare

Ellen’s recent guest David Arquette made good on his promise to make an Ellen Dance Dare video while dressed as a cowboy, and she shared his video on her show today.

Read about David Arquette’s Favorite Book & David Arquette’s Sobriety.

Ellen recently challenged viewers to share their St. Patrick’s Day Dance Dare jigs for inclusion on a future show.


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