Ellen: Hamster Wheel Exercise Desk + Janel Parrish & Nick The Gardener


Ellen TV: Exercise Trends + Crossfit & Hamster Wheel Desk

Ellen DeGeneres said she wanted to talk about exercise. She said that obviously exercise is very important because it gets your heart rate up and gets your blood flowing. She said you can do it with other people or you can do it alone. You can do it at night, in the morning, or even do a quickie at lunch. “I’m talking about exercise,” Ellen said.

Ellen said she enjoys doing yoga, pilates, and she likes to walk. She said she said she also likes to swim. “Not swim, what’s the word for it? Shower. I like to shower,” Ellen joked.


Ellen: Hamster Wheel Exercise Desk + Janel Parrish & Nick The Gardener

Ellen kicked off her show by talking about various forms of exercise. (Philip Date / Shutterstock.com)

She said she noticed all the trends in exercise and lately she noticed people wanting to spin. She said the way she feels about spinning is that exercise hurts, but why would we want to inflict “extra pain on our downstairs area?”

Ellen also said that a lot of people are trying Crossfit, and if you don’t know what Crossfit it, it combined interval training “with the feeling of death.” She said there’s also a workout where you can combine work with exercise using a treadmill desk.


Ellen said what seemed over-the-top to her was “the hamster wheel desk.” She said it seemed pretty crazy to her, but she’s lucky because not everyone had a work place where they can start their day with a dance. She then danced her way through the audience before taking a seat.

Ellen: Guest DJ Janel Parrish

Ellen introduced her guest DJ for the show, Janel Parrish. She’s currently competing on Dancing With The Stars and is one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars.

Janel said she was loving DWTS, saying it was definitely the most challenging experience she’s ever had, but also the most fun.

Ellen TV: Nick The Gardener

Ellen then explained that she’s made it her mission to get her gardener Nick a role in the sequel to Magic Mike. Earlier in the week Ellen placed a call to the president of show business at Warner Bros, Greg Silverman, and surprised him when Ellen sent Nick over to his office. The good thing is that they had a camera following him so that we could see what happened.

Nick showed up to the office without a shirt. Greg pointed out how the audience seemed to approve of Nick and Nick shared that he isn’t exactly shy about dancing in front of people. Greg said he would set him up with some people and see what they could do.

Ellen also pointed out that Nick has a small tattoo on his back, and said viewers have been writing in wanting to know what the tattoo said. She then had Nick rip off his shirt yet again so that she could read it. “Oh it’s a classic joke! That’s perfect because it’s Classic Joke Friday!” Ellen said.

Ellen: Classic Joke Friday

“What do you call a person with no body and no nose?”

“Nobody knows.”

Ellen then said it was Nick’s birthday, so happy birthday Nick!



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