Ellen: Graduation Speech, Reporter Bee Sting & Newsroom Fight Videos


Ellen: College Graduation

What do Ellen DeGeneres and President Bill Clinton both have in common? For one thing, they were both on The Ellen Show today.

They are also in demand this time of year as guest speakers for college graduation and commencement ceremonies around the country. But as Ellen explained, it’s a busy time of year for her and she can’t accept every invitation.


Ellen: Commencement Speech

To save time, Ellen delivered a blanket graduation commencement address to her audience.

Ellen: Commencement Speech

To cover all her bases, Ellen gave a generic graduation speech to her audience. Instead of a gown, she wore a Snuggie, which is appropriate since she’s giving a blanket statement.

After congratulating graduates, Ellen’s remarks addressed obstacles in life, including confusing traffic jams. Her advice is “be honest with yourself and find your place in the world.”


She also said that money isn’t everything, but that fame is pretty good. She advised against taking shortcuts to become famous, and suggested sticking to talent-based reality shows, “like The Voice or Hoarders.”

She concluded her speech by reciting lines from The Help: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Ellen: Houston Dance Dare Finalist

Ellen and her staff are still sorting through all the Dance Dare submissions to choose a contest winner. She announced another finalist today. Quang Vu of Houston, Texas is not shy about dancing behind strangers in art galleries, grocery stores, and even street corners.

“He’s very good,” Ellen said. “It’s hard to do that.” An overall winner of this season’s Dance Dares competition will be announced in the coming weeks.

Ellen: Local News Bloopers

To prepare for her visit with President Bill Clinton, Ellen made sure to check out the latest local news in another edition of her Local Focal News Bloopers segments.

Here are the highlights from local news stations around the country:

  • A woman critiqued her appearance without realizing she was on the air.
  • A man was in the middle of taping a segment when he was stung by a bee, leading to a lot of bleeped words. Watch Reporter Stung By Bee.
  • In Italy, two newsroom employees got into a knock down, drag out fight behind a newscaster while on the air. Watch Newsroom Fight.

Ellen: Niece Eva’s 3rd Birthday

Ellen shared a few photos of her nieces. Eva just turned three, and her younger sister Perry is six months old. Ellen said the baby is still getting comfortable with people other than her mom.

She promised to show some embarrassing photos of DJ Tony on an upcoming episode.

Ellen Dance Song: “Groove Is In The Heart”

Ellen celebrated with the audience by dancing to Deee-Lite’s “Groove Is In The Heart.”


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