Ellen: Girl Thinks She is Hannah Montana & Fan Wins a Date with Tony


Ellen: Girl Has Wisdom Teeth Removed, Claims She Is Hannah Montana

Ellen said she looked at the calendar this morning and she could not believe how fast the year has gone by already. As she put it, April skipped the showering and went straight to putting on deodorant, combing it’s hair and heading out the door. Ellen also had a brain teaser for everyone in the audience and this was it: first, try not to think of puppies. Did you think of puppies? Then you have a weak mind but at least you’re thinking about puppies now.

Anyways, Ellen didn’t want to make her audience think too much so she showed them some really funny videos from the internet. Check out the video below to watch 30 people do a backflip at once, a girl who gets stuck climbing a face and another girl who had her wisdom teeth taken out claims she is the real Hannah Montana. Ellen even brought out the girl who thought she was Hannah Montana. The girl, Hannah Melton, said she is a huge fan of Hannah Montana but she isn’t so much a fan of Miley Cyrus.


“There is a huge difference,” she said.

Either way, the video got her on Ellen.

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Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy Auto Corrects

Ellen loves a great auto correct. Check out some of the viewer-submitted auto corrects that will have you in stitches from laughing so hard.

  • “Do you want anything from Starbucks. I’m getting a manhole shake.” It was supposed to read mango.
  • “What did you have to tell me” asked one person to another. “I will call you in a by, I mean in a butt, I mean in a bite, in a burp, I mean in a bit.”
  • “Can’t wait to see you nest weekend. PS you can sleep on the blow up mistress.”
  • “I miss you already,” texted one person. “Don’t worry I’ll make another trip to see you soon,” was the reply back. “Awww you just gave me buttflies,” was how that romantic exchange ended.

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Ellen: I’m Kidding Novel Mini Version

Ellen: Girl Thinks She Is Hannah Montana & Fan Wins a Date With Tony

Ellen showed her audience some really funny videos from the internet, let them try a brain teaser and read off some funny viewer-submitted auto corrects. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen’s newest novel, Seriously…I’m Kidding, is out in paperback now and you can even find it in a mini version as well, just in case you want to feel like a giant for the day.

Ellen: Country Song Twitter Challenge Winner Has Date With Tony

While Ellen was in Australia last month, she had a Twitter challenge for all Australians to come up with the best country song they could. The winner of the challenge got a trip to Ellen in America. Well, April was the winner and since she sang about having a fling with Tony in her country song, Ellen figured she would set the two up on a date.

She set them a nice table in the corner of the stage, complete with Andy playing the violin, nice candles and a huge bouquet of flowers. I think it is going to work out between April and Tony.

Ellen: JCP Cares Donations Going To Girls Inc.

Ellen said JCPenney has a new initiative called JCP Cares where customers have the chance to round off their purchase to the nearest dollar with all the change form the purpose going to a different charity each month. This month they are giving the donations to Girls Inc., inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold.

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