Ellen: Giorgio Loves Cinco De Mayo & Mariachi Band Scares


Ellen: Giorgio Loves Sonic Update

Before the weekend kicked off and brought us all Cinco De Mayo celebrations, Ellen DeGeneres had a few festive surprises in store.

Earlier in 2012, Ellen DeGeneres found a viral video called Giorgio Loves Sonic. Since his last appearance on the show, Giorgio reported that he’s using the guitar Ellen gave him to write an album with his band, The Interstate Life.


Ellen: Mariachi Scares

How would you react if you were surprised by a mariachi band in the bathroom? Ellen wanted to find out. (Image Credit: Travel Bug / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen loves Giorgio’s music as much as he loves Sonic, so she sent him out in public to play impromptu songs in honor of Cinco De Mayo.

Ellen: Giorgio’s Cinco De Mayo Songs

Giorgio visited a bowling alley, where he sang along to a mature man’s attempt to pick up a spare. I would find it very distracting to have someone singing a song about my bowling abilities.


Also on Giorgio’s hit list was a library, where you are definitely not supposed to be performing music. I guess that’s why he was whisper-singing his lyrics about The Hunger Games and even getting a librarian in on his shenanigans.

Plus, he surprised patrons at a nail salon and even a woman in a crosswalk. At least he was bearing a positive message we can all enjoy this weekend: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

For his antics, Ellen rewarded with him with a sombrero and a hearty supply of Dos Equis beer.

Ellen: Mariachi Band Cinco De Mayo Scares

As far as Ellen DeGeneres is concerned, there is no better way to celebrate any holiday than terrifying people (except maybe drinking). In honor of Cinco De Mayo, Ellen hired a mariachi band to hide around her studio and scare unsuspecting audience members.

The band showed up outside on the lot, mingling with passersby who surely just wanted to get to their cars. Then they popped up in the Central Perk cafe set on the Warner Bros. lot, as well as backstage in the Ellen Shop.

But their greatest hiding place was in a bathroom stall. If you thought you had to pee before you opened that stall door…well, you might not have to pee anymore afterwards.

How would you react if you found half a dozen costumed men hiding in the bathroom. Would you scream, or laugh, or run away? Those are all reactions Ellen’s band of revelers got for their trouble today, and the host herself even got in on the fun, playing the maracas.

I think an important question in all this is why are there hidden security cameras in Ellen’s bathrooms?


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