Ellen: Gary Busey With A Knife & My Strange Addiction Inflatables


Ellen: Gary Busey Celebrity Apprentice

Ellen: Gary Busey With A Knife & My Strange Addiction Inflatables

Gary Busey scared Ellen when he got a knife on Celebrity Apprentice. (s_buckley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen caught up on Celebrity Apprentice this weekend and she saw that Gary Busey was back. She wasn’t so surprised that he was back on the show, more that someone put him in charge of chopping veggies for a challenge. Isn’t there a written rule somewhere that you don’t give Gary Busey a knife?


Ellen: My Strange Addiction

Also on Ellen staff’s DVR was My Strange Addiction. If you’ve never seen the show, people with weird fetishes or addictions let cameras into their homes to proudly proclaim their love for whatever it is the do. People have shared their love of cars or dressing up like a baby. Two cases caught the Ellen staff’s eye.

Bree likes to eat sand. She carries it around in baggies, scoops it in spoons and sprinkles it on chips. Her favorite it to put it on her gum. She became addicted to eating sand when she went to the beach and got a big mouthful of sand.

Another interesting case was a college-age man in love with inflatable animals. I don’t mean balloon animals or blow up dolls, these are legitimate pool floatees. He started out with just one, an inflatable whale, and now is in a relationship with 15 inflatables.


Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

How do fish shop online?

They use a credit cod.

Ellen: Amy In Rome

Ellen sent her reporter Amy to the Vatican in Rome to check out how the next Pope selection is going. Amy got a little nervous on the flight and had to have a couple drinks. She and the floor became good friends.

Later, Amy found a swordfish inflatable by the pool. Or, as they would say on My Strange Addiction, a new lover.

Ellen Scares Andy

Ellen’s producer Andy is almost always late for her taping. She decided to get him going today and gave him a little scare to get him moving. At least he didn’t fall this time.


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