Ellen: Gaining Weight Over the Holidays

Ellen: Gaining Weight, Weight Lifting & What's Wrong With These Photos?

Was this you over the holidays? Fret not, Ellen fans, you’re not alone! I personally took down half of a pumpkin pie in one sitting. And then came back for the leftovers. It was bad news!

Ellen began her show by asking her audience who ate too much over the holidays. The crowd cheered. Then, she said that anyone who didn’t cheer is a liar. I agree. I definitely ate way too much.

Ellen said she and Portia went to an island in the Caribbean over the holidays and ate far too much. She said she wore drawstring pants and couldn’t tell when to stop eating, because she ate until she ran out of string.

“As soon as I realized I gained a few pounds, I was like, to hell with it,” Ellen said.

Ellen said that since you’re supposed to wait 15 minutes after you stop eating to go swimming, she wasn’t able to go swimming once.

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Ellen: Weight Lifter Sounds like a Goat

Ellen showed a video clip of an older woman lifting weights. The woman was on the shorter side and lifted some very impressive weights. There were very tall and muscular men around her waiting to spot her, but the older woman did fine without them.

The only thing was, she was screaming like a goat the entire time. Ellen decided to compare the two noises.

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Ellen: What’s Wrong with these Photos? Photos

Ellen showed many photos in her “What’s Wrong With These Photos? Photos” segment. The first photo was from a wedding where a mother holding a small child was smiling at a camera. The only problem was, her child was reaching deep into her cleavage. There was also a tree with some very unusual fruit. Check it out below!

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