Will Ellen & Portia De Rossi Have a Baby? & Pregnancy Belly Carry-On


Ellen: Singing on the Bus

“Isn’t the weather beautiful today?” Ellen asked at the beginning of her show. She said that nice weather like that puts her in a great mood.

“I was coming to work this morning and I’m singing one of my favorite songs and I’m singing as loud as I can until some one next to me on the bus asks me to stop,” she said.


Ellen: Portia de Rossi Q&A

“Tomorrow is our 1500th show,” Ellen announced.

She said that she’s very grateful to still be getting new viewers every day, but as she does, she gets a lot of the same questions asked over and over again. Therefore, she said she was going to answer as many of them as she could.

Will Ellen & Portia Have A Baby?

Ellen DeGeneres addressed some frequently asked questions, such as, 'Will Ellen & Portia have a baby?' (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Portia‘s not my roommate,” she said, referencing her wife Portia de Rossi.

“People ask if I get treated differently because I’m a celebrity,” she said. “The answer is, ‘I better!'”

Will Ellen & Portia Have a Baby?

Ellen said that many people have asked whether she and Portia have any children and informed the audience that they do not.

“It’s a big responsibility,” she said. “My assistant does not have time to do that.”

Ellen: Tanning & Makeup

Ellen said a lot of people ask her how early she has to get up to prepare for the show.

“I get up pretty early in the morning for rehearsal and then most of the time is for makeup,” she said.

She showed a picture of a woman with dark leathery skin and said, “This is what I look like before I put makeup on before I get here.”

“I’m addicted to tanning,” she said, in reference to the picture. “I’ve said it. It’s out.”

Then she started providing rapid fire responses to untold questions. The funniest of which was, “Once in college, but I was drunk.”

Ellen: Hat Glam Girl Funny Hats

Ellen said she’s received many pictures for her “Hot Glam Girl” segment, but they’ve all tended to have one thing in common.

“Here’s what I’ve noticed with the pictures that you’ve sent me, if you want to be glamorous, you have to wear a hat,” she said.

In light of that, she said she had retitled the segment, “Hat Glam Girl.”

Then she showed a slideshow of pictures of women in absolutely absurd hats. There were all sorts of different bizarre hats, from cowboy hats lined with crocodile teeth, to sparkled navy hats.

The crowd laughed the hardest when Ellen ended the slideshow with a picture of herself in a hat. The picture looked to be circa late ’80’s or early ’90’s.

“Somebody said put a hat on and lay down like that,” she said. “I said, ‘OK. I want a career.'”

Ellen: Pregnancy Belly for Carry-On Luggage

“If you’re going to fly anywhere, I want to warn you, it’s getting expensive,” Ellen said, citing that it’s sometimes as much as $100 to bring carryon luggage. “So I had an idea. I think you’re going to love it.”

A woman came out who appeared to be pregnant, but it was revealed that she wasn’t. Instead, she was wearing a fake pregnant belly, inside of which she could store her personal items.

“Now you don’t have to pay $100 for carryon,” Ellen said. “Because I’m selling these things for $99.”


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