Ellen: Fake Giant Asteroid Scare & Next Cover Girl Search


Ellen: Next Cover Girl & Fake Asteroid

Whether you are worried about the asteroid or just want to be the Next Cover Girl, Ellen is the place to go to start your weekend off with a smile. Here is some of what happened today.

Ellen: Giant Asteroid

Ellen: Fake Giant Asteroid Scare & Next Cover Girl Search

Find out what happened when a fake giant asteroid make a guest appearance at the beginning of Ellen’s show, and learn about the Next Cover Girl search.


Ellen thanked her audience for coming out to see the show, despite the giant asteroid that has been bearing down on the Earth. “It’s the side of a football field, and today it’s going to fly by Earth closer than any asteroid has ever flown by, ever,” she stammered.

It is not expected to hit the Earth, but Ellen did not want to take their word for it. How is it that you can predict the timing of an asteroid but the cable company gives you a four-hour window and is still late. The asteroid could hit a satellite in space and disrupt cell phone service.

Ellen: Fake Asteroid

How can you prepare for something like this? It is like those signs that warn of “falling rocks” or “65 miles per hour.” What are you supposed to do about those?


After a quick dance through the audience, Ellen took a seat and just missed being hit by an asteroid that flew threw the studio. DJ Tony did not even move to protect Ellen.

What’s even more crazy is that those meteor chunks ended up landing in Russia earlier today. That had to be a terrifying and extremely confusing ordeal.

Ellen: Next Cover Girl Search

Ellen is searching for the Next Cover Girl, and the contest winner will receive $20,000, along with a People Magazine ad. A Nashville mom nominated her daughter, who was born with spina bifida. She proved doctors wrong and can now walk.

She also joked that DJ Tony submitted himself by Photoshopping his head onto a woman’s body. You can submit your own suggestions on Ellen’s website.


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