Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Baby + Japanese Infomercials & Magic Mike 2


Ellen TV: Crazy Infomercials

Ellen DeGeneres announced that it was the first day of fall and said it was almost chilly. Ellen then asked her audience how many of them enjoy shopping and who had ordered something off the TV while watching TV.

She said infomercials make products look amazing, and depending on what you’ve been eating or drinking that night, you order it. She said she wanted to put some of the infomercial products to the test as part of her segment she’s called “Ellen’s Consumer Reports And Stuff.”


Ellen: Facial Fitness Pao Review & Funny Workout Machine

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Baby + Japanese Infomercials & Magic Mike 2

Ellen DeGeneres talked about TV infomercials and all the bizarre exercise products out there. (Igor Kovalchuk / Shutterstock.com)

The first product was called a “Facial Fitness Pao” that came with a bag to carry it anywhere. You put the product in your mouth, and then swing the bar up and down by nodding your head. It’s supposed to give you a facial lift. The product was marketed in Japan.

Ellen said she didn’t want to demonstrate it because she didn’t want to look ridiculous on TV so she had one of her audience members try it. Shalonda, an AT&T customer representative, demonstrated the product by nodding her head over and over for 12 seconds.


Another product was to help you work out the rest of your body. It was also marketed in Japan and helps teach you to ride a horse by sitting on the mechanism and then thrusting your hips forward. Shalonda had to come back up and demonstrate that product as well. She had to bounce up and down on the workout mechanism while bouncing her head up and down with the Facial Fitness Pao.

Ellen TV: Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Baby

Ellen wanted to wish Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes congratulations on having their baby. Ellen joked that it’s a little Gosling and in 8-12 months it should be a little goose. Like Ellen said, they’re two gorgeous people, so there’s no telling how beautiful that little baby is. She said they actually sent her a picture and wanted to hold it up for everyone to see. She then held up a picture frame that was glowing so bright you couldn’t see anything.

Ellen: Nick The Gardener

Ellen then said that because yesterday was the start of fall, her living wall was already starting to drop its leaves. She said she needed her gardener Nick to come out and take care of the leaves. Ellen then said it was laundry day so she needed his shirt. He ripped it off and handed it to her.

Ellen then invited him to come and sit down next to her. He shared that he also has other talents besides gardening and actually wants to get into acting. Ellen said that Matthew McConaughey just announced that he will not be back for the sequel of Magic Mike, and so they have to be looking for someone as good looking as Nick. Ellen asked if he would want to be in it and Nick said he would love to.

Ellen TV: Magic Mike 2

Ellen said she was going to call the Warner Bros operator and see who she could talk to about getting Nick a part in the film. The operator then connected her to Greg Silverman. His secretary said he was in a video conference and Ellen asked if she could interrupt or if the meeting was more important than her.

Greg was then on the phone and Ellen asked him if he was looking for someone to cast for Magic Mike 2. Greg said yes and asked who Ellen had, and she said she had “Nick Gardener.” She said he’s classically trained, he’s good with gardening, and her entire audience cheered when she mentioned his body.

Greg said he appreciated the help and although he couldn’t see him, he sounded great looking. Ellen said she was going to send Nick down to his office right then and Nick ran right off set!

At the end of the show, Nick came back out and shared what happened when he ran over to Greg Silverman’s office. He said Greg actually was in a video conference but put it on hold for Ellen. He asked what his experience was and he said he “kind of just gardens around Ellen’s place.” Greg said he would call and try to figure out where they would put Nick in the film!

Ellen thanked Greg Silverman, saying that she knew he was a very busy man.


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