Ellen Facebook Photos: Sexy Bikini & Bosom Buddies


Ellen: Funny Facebook Pictures

Facebook is going public this Friday,” Ellen said. “But I figure why wait until Friday? I’m going public with some of your photos right now.”

Then she proceeded to show embarrassing pictures of her audience members from Facebook.


Ellen Facebook: Sexy Bikini Picture

Ellen: Sexy Bikini Facebook Photos

In honor of the Facebook IPO, Ellen embarrassed her audience members by showing some of their funny Facebook pictures, including a sexy bikini and two bosom buddies. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

The first picture was of a self-taken mirror shot of female member of the audience in a bikini.

“What do you do that you have a body like that?” Ellen said.


“This is just something I love to do,” the audience member said.

“You look amazing,” Ellen said.

Ellen said that the woman and her husband received a speeding ticket on their way to the show.

“Let me know how much your speeding ticket is because I’m going to pay it for you,” she said.

Ellen Facebook: Double Cleavage Picture

The next picture Ellen showed was of a close up of a different female audience member’s breasts being pushed against her friend’s breasts.

“Who’s your bosom buddy there?” Ellen asked.

“Her name’s Jenny,” the woman said. “I think Jenny took it actually. It’s all her fault.”

“That picture doesn’t bother you at all?” Ellen asked the woman’s fiance, who was sitting next to her in the crowd.

“I think it’s a great picture,” he said.

“You’d think you’d be sober enough to say, ‘Hey, don’t post that,'” Ellen said to the woman’s fiance. “But you weren’t sober enough because this is what you posted.”

Ellen showed a picture of him with a beer bottle hanging out of his mouth.

Ellen: Edward Fortyhands Game

Ellen then showed a picture of two young women who must have only recently turned turned 21, because they looked very young.

Both of them had 40 ounce bottles of beer duct taped to their hands. This is usually part of a drinking game called, “Edward Fortyhands.” The game’s name is a parody of Tim Burton‘s classic film, Edward Scissorhands.

Tying the segment’s end back to the joke that introduced it, Ellen laughed and said, “These are the pictures that make Facebook worth $100 billion.”


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