Ellen: Embarrassing Facebook Photos + iPhone 6 & Melanie Iglesias


Ellen TV: Embarrassing Facebook Pictures

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her show by talking about how someone has been leaking private photos of celebrities on the internet. She said someone found the photos that had been stored on the cloud, and she’s not sure how it works because she “hasn’t seen a cloud over Hollywood in years.”

She said leaking people’s private pictures is wrong, so instead of talking about that, she was instead going to leak some photos her audience members posted on their Facebook pages. Ellen first found two women in her audience who had posted a picture on their Facebook of them posing with half naked men from the show “Thunder Down Under.”


Ellen said she didn’t have “Thunder Down Under” but she had Nick the gardener. She then sent Nick, without his shirt, up to greet the two women. One of the women, Melissa, got to sit on Nick’s lap.

Ellen: Funny Facebook Photos

Ellen: Embarrassing Facebook Photos + iPhone 6 & Melanie Iglesias

Ellen shared some of her audience’s embarrassing Facebook photos. (Sarawut Aiemsinsuk / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen then called out another woman in her audience from Colorado. She shared a picture she had posted of her posing with two men wearing American flag Speedos.


Next, Ellen found a man in her audience named Jesse who’s from Kentucky. Ellen found a picture of him from when he was younger of him with long hair and a guitar. Ellen said she wanted to recreate the picture, so she brought out a wig and a guitar. Ellen told him to keep the wig on and have a seat.

She shared that everyone whose pictures were shown on the show got an iPad mini.

Ellen TV: Guest DJ Melanie Iglesias

Ellen introduced her guest DJ, Melania Iglesias. She said she just moved to L.A. and shared that she has four shows on MTV right now.

Melania explained that she is 27 years old and has never driven a car. She said she grew up in Brooklyn so she never needed to drive. Ellen pointed out that Melanie’s boyfriend had been on the show before, when he was promoting one of the Step Up movies. Her boyfriend is Ryan Guzman and they actually met on Twitter after Melanie said hello to him.

She said they talked every night for 6 hours for 6 weeks straight until they finally went on a date.

Ellen: iPhone 6 Too Big For Pockets?

Ellen asked Melanie if she had gotten the new iPhone yet, and Melanie said she hadn’t and is waiting to see all the reviews first. Ellen said she has it and it’s big, but said apparently some people are complaining that their pockets are too small to hold the bigger phone. She said that because of that, Apple put out a new announcement.

Ellen then played the announcement that showed an Apple team member explaining that after many complaints from female customers wondering if the phone will fit into their pockets, he wanted to share a list of people whose pockets are big enough to fit the new iPhone. Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, and Kourtney Kardashian, all have “big enough pockets” to hold the new phone. He then ended his announcement by adding “a message from Apple, now exclusively for apple bottoms.”

“I don’t usually like doing jokes about big butts,” Ellen said. “But I took a crack at it.”

Ellen TV: Alex Trebek Mustache

Ellen then moved on to share that Jeopardy had its season premiere and after 13 years, Alex Trebek brought back his mustache. Ellen said it was big news and people were really excited about it.

Ellen said the mustache is also making cameos on other shows. She shared a clip from The Voice that showed all four judges, including Gwen Stefani, sporting the Alex Trebek mustache. She then showed all the anchors from 60 Minutes sporting the mustache, as well as the co-hosts of The View, Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg.

Ellen: Dating Naked & Comedy Sound Effects

Ellen said it was then time for what either could be the best thing they’ve ever done, or the dumbest. It’s a segment called This Plus That. The “this” was the show Dating Naked and the “that” was comedy sound effects.

She then played various clips from the show that were edited to include random sound effects like squeaks, honks, and boinks.


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