Ellen: Dog Balances on Chain YouTube & Walk Off The Earth Gotye Cover


Ellen: Really Funny YouTube Videos and Really Corny Jokes

Ellen shared her favorite YouTube videos, like Dog Balances on Chain, and then told a really corny joke as part of Classic Joke Monday.

Ellen: New Orleans Saints

Ellen said she’d been watching a lot of YouTube videos since her favorite NFL teams, the Packers and the Saints didn’t make it through the playoffs.


Ellen YouTube Video: Small Girl Says Goodbye

The first video she showed was of a little girl named Chloe waving goodbye to people as they went down the escalator. It was adorable. She couldn’t have been much more than two years old. She just stood there waving at people as they went down and cheerfully saying, “Goodbye!”

Ellen YouTube: Walk Off The Earth Gotye

Ellen showed a video of Walk Off The Earth covering Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" & other great YouTube videos. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Watch the video here: Chloe saying “bye”


“She’ll make a great flight attendant someday,” Ellen joked. “She’ll be great.”

Ellen YouTube: Full Court Game Winning Basketball Shot

The second video was amazing. It was a basketball game and with seconds left on the clock, one of the players made the winning shot from the other side of the court. The amusing part of this video was that the person who was commentating the game just went nuts and started shouting hysterically. He was pretty clearly a fan of the winning team.

Ellen YouTube Video: Dog Balances On Chain

The third video was a video of a dog balancing on a chain. At first the dog had all four paws on the chain and then he stood up on his hind legs!

“Those canine sobriety tests can be tough,” Ellen said. “They really are cracking down on the dogs.”

Watch the full video here: Dog balances on chain

Walk Off The Earth Covers Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know

The last video was of a musical group called Walk Off The Earth. They were playing a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” from his album Making Mirrors. What made the video amazing was that the five piece band was huddled around a single guitar and they were all playing it at the same time. Ellen said she invited them to perform on the show.

Watch the video here: Walk Off The Earth Covers Gotye

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday Corny Jokes

Ellen told her DJ Tony a really cheesy joke as part of Classic Joke Monday.

“How did the snail talk to the crab?” Ellen asked.

Tony gave up right away and Ellen told him, “He called him on his shell-phone.”


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