Ellen: DJ Tony Has a Girlfriend & Patrick Dempsey Buys Tully’s Coffee


Ellen: Tony Okungbowa’s Girlfriend

Ellen began her January 10 2013 show by talking about how shocked she was to learn that her DJ, Tony, had a girlfriend. He has been dating a woman since May of last year. She rolled a clip from November where she point-blank asked him about who he was spending the holidays with and he said, no one. She said she was very offended, but now they could start a new thing, “Tony Marriage Watch 2013.”

Ellen: Patrick Dempsey Tully’s Coffee

Ellen: DJ Tony Has a Girlfriend & Patrick Dempsey Buys Tully's Coffee

Ellen was shocked when she learned that her DJ, Tony Okungbowa, has been dating someone since last May. She instituted what she called, “Tony Marriage Watch 2013,” so she could keep an eye on his relationship. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Nale Dixon says

    I think what Tony Danza was saying, was that he was not the one saying it, it was Tony Randall who blasphemed. Almost every single day. Fontaine Dempsey created 500 jobs yesterday when she opened herself up. She said she did not say she knew what she had said. It was then that said Dempsey resaid her sentences since Sven repented on Ellen.

  2. Blip Wack says

    Six octogenarians were in the aisle when Emma Stone was introduced. For their prattle, 2 of them should have been ejected, when Paul Ryan said his blessing of sectarian epithets. He also disclosed that he had won power ball totaling 90 trillion franks, post-conversion.

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