Ellen DeGeneres Terrifies Julia Roberts With Prank


Ellen: Julia Roberts

It’s hard to imagine a time when Julia Roberts wasn’t headlining movie projects, as she has been doing for the last two decades. She sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about her latest project.

In January 2011, Julia Roberts honored Ellen as a surprise guest on her show. To repay the favor, Ellen said she decided to surprise the movie star backstage before the show.


Ellen Scares Julia Roberts

Ellen DeGeneres showed the prank she pulled on guest Julia Roberts. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

Julia Roberts Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts is starring as the evil queen in the upcoming Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror.

Read about her experiences with co-star Armie Hammer in Mirror Mirror.


Ellen DeGeneres Terrifies Julia Roberts

“She didn’t realize how surprisable I am,” Julia said. They shared a video clip of Ellen lurking in the bathroom of Julia’s dressing room, startling the actress who screamed in fear.

“It doesn’t even really come across how scared I was,” she said. “And I changed, because I peed in my pants.”

Do you like to scare others or pull pranks on them? Or are you the easily scared victim that people love to get a reaction from?

Julia Roberts: I Scare My Children

Ellen said she had a feeling that Julia would scare easily, but by the time she considered that she was already crouching in the bathroom floor.

Julia said she likes to play pranks and scare her children, so this gave her a taste of her own medicine. She said her children can jump really high when they’re afraid.

Ellen DeGeneres Scares Guests

Ellen also loves to scare people, including her staff and family members. She said that she and Julia both enjoy the fun of scaring other people, which I guess is OK as long as they’re not armed or prone to violent self defense moves.

We’ve seen Ellen scare many guests on her show by having other people sneak up behind them during interviews. Read about Ellen Scaring Amanda Peet.

Julia said it also took her a minute to realize that she was safe when she found Ellen in the bathroom. She vowed to get revenge on the talk show host sometime in the future, so be looking for that a year from now when Julia Roberts returns to Ellen’s show.


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