Ellen DeGeneres Draw Something Review & Texting Man Vs Bear Video


Ellen: Draw Something Review

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her show by talking about the new wildly popular app that’s been captivating everyone, and no, it’s not Instagram.

She’s talking about Draw Something, the sketching and guessing game that’s been downloaded 50 million times in just two months, and it was recently sold for $200 million.


“Do you know how much stuff you could buy at the dollar store with that?” Ellen said.

Ellen: Draw Something

Ellen talked about the popular new app Draw Something & showed funny bear videos from YouTube.

Ellen: About Draw Something

Ellen explained how the game works: it gives you a word, which you have to illustrate using your finger, on your phone or tablet screen. Then your friend has to guess the word, and they’ll draw a picture for you in return.


She explained that the game is so addictive it could get you fired. “People are obsessed with Draw Something,” she said, “and some people are really good at it.”

Ellen showed off some elaborate and artistic drawings that some players have done, which are gaining attention online. For comparison, she showed one of producer Andy’s drawings, which look a lot like my bad attempts.

Ellen: Is Writing Words Cheating in Draw Something?

Andy’s word was hotel, and he even tried to scrawl ‘4 Seasons’ atop the building. “It’s called Draw Something. You should not be allowed to write words. I don’t think that’s fair at all. That’s cheating.”

I’m torn on the use of words in Draw Something. On the one hand, I don’t think you should be allowed to draw the actual word you’re trying to get your partner to guess. But I feel like it’s OK to use word clues when appropriate.

What do other people think? Is this acceptable, or is it a total violation of the Draw Something code? Share your feedback in the comments section.

Ellen: Draw Something Is Contagious

Ellen said her entire staff is playing this game, and it’s impressive that in just a few decades we’ve gone from Game Nights at the kitchen table to playing instantly with people around the world.

I still like an old fashioned game night now and then. Ellen shared some viewer submitted drawings of her, because Ellen is a clue in the game. I know from experience that Ellen is a difficult clue to draw successfully.

One of the Ellen drawings had a sign that said “The Ellen Show.” Here’s an example of when I think using words is cheating. You shouldn’t be allowed to use the Draw Something word as one of your hint words. Am I right?

Ellen News: Bear Loose in LA

Ellen showed DJ Tony the news video from earlier in the week of a bear on the loose, walking around an LA neighborhood. While looking for a yard to hang out in, he encountered a man who was texting and not paying attention.

The man looked up from his phone in time to see the bear and run in the opposite direction. Ellen said that the bear was captured and released back into the wild.

Watch the Man Vs Bear Video on YouTube.

Ellen also had a video of a Purple Panda Bear visiting kindergarten class. It was just a man in costume, but it really upset the children, who are apparently totally afraid of bears.

Watch the Panda Bear Vs Kindergarteners on YouTube.

Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Photos

Today’s show also featured more viewer photos in her What’s Wrong With These Photos segment.

  • Gena from Ohio sent in a photo of a police car with the word Undercover written across the trunk.
  • Christina in Pennsylvania saw a sign at Home Depot pointing to the restrooms, with the company’s slogan: “You can do it. We can help.”
  • Carly of Alberta sent in a photo of her grandmother posing in front of her Easter table. But in the mirror was a man in his underwear, who is hopefully Carly’s grandfather.

Ellen said if you have embarrassing pictures of photographers caught unaware in mirrors, you should send them in to her show.

Ellen Dance Song: “September”

Ellen showed off more viewer Draw Something portraits during today’s dance segment. The song of the day was “September” by Earth Wind and Fire.

Download an MP3 of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September.”

Ellen also featured a clip of Kevin from New Hampshire, the spry middle aged man who was her audience dancer of the day, captured on camera before the show.


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