Ellen Degeneres 1500th Episode: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?


Ellen’s 1500th Episode Celebration

After announcing that it was her 1500th episode, Ellen Degeneres quipped, “No wonder I’m tired.”

Ellen Degeneres 1500th Episode: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage?

On Ellen's 1500th Episode, she spoke about the time when Ashton Kutcher was naked backstage. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


The episode was celebratory and filled with nostalgia for past episodes.

“All of my shows are special. They’re like my babies,” She said. “So this is my 1500th baby.”

Ellen Breastfeeds Her Show Until They’re 3

“This may be controversial but I breastfeed my shows until they’re three,” she said.


Throughout Ellen‘s career as a talk show host, there have been moments where things didn’t go according to plan. Ellen said she doesn’t mind, because those moments are usually funny and provide her with the opportunity to fire some one. To commemorate those moments, Ellen played a series of video clips from past episodes where things didn’t go according to plan.

Ellen: Ashton Kutcher Naked Backstage

Ellen was talking backstage with Kutcher about a recent advertisement for Two and a Half Men in which he and his costars appeared to be naked. Kutcher said the advertisement was so successful that he had decided to do everything nude thereafter. He subsequently took off his robe and stood unabashedly naked in front of Ellen and her mother.

Ellen glanced up and down at Kutcher‘s naked body, told him she thought it was a bad idea, and comically tried to pull her mother out of the room.

Other clips also featured celebrity guests. One captured Richard Simmons dancing backstage and falling over backwards onto a curtain. Another showed Sofia Vergara applying makeup to her face in hilariously childish and slapdash manner.

Ellen: CoverGirl Gift Card Giveaway

After the clip of Vergara, Ellen‘s fellow CoverGirl, Ellen said that she was proud to be a CoverGirl and gave each of her audience members a $100 gift card to CVS so that they could purchase CoverGirl makeup.


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