Ellen: David Beckham Hidden Camera & Lady Antebellum Fan Surprise


Ellen Plays Pranks With David Beckham and Lady Antebellum

Ellen shared a David Beckham hidden camera prank at Target to promote his new cologne and then helped Lady Antebellum surprise two fans. Earlier in the show, Ellen reviewed the cologne and talked about David’s daughter.

Ellen In David Beckham’s Ear

Ellen sent David Beckham to Target to promote his new cologne, DB Homme.


Ellen: David Beckham Hidden Camera

Ellen sent David Beckham to Target in disguise as a salesman named Ricky. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

David was wearing a disguise so that no one would recognize him. The disguise consisted of a black baseball cap and some comically large glasses akin to those that Buddy Holly wore.

The ensuing shenanigans were hilarious.


Ellen In My Ear: David Beckham

Ellen would tell David awkward things to say and he would often mishear her.

“My name is Ricky,” David said to a passing customer. “Would you like to try this?”

After the customer consented, David said, “Actually, let me spray it on my leg. It smells so much better.”

David tried to get several customers to buy his cologne. Each time he approached a new customer, he’d say something awkward.

“It’s for men but it smells good on ladies,” he said to a group of women. “Actually it smells so much better on my leg.”

Ellen: David Beckham Hidden Camera

At one part of the sketch, Ellen tried to get David to say “howdy partner” at the top of his lungs. She kept repeating it in his ear, over and over again, until he was shouting it through the store.

“I’m from Australia but I can sound like I’m from Texas,” he said. “Howdy partner. Howdy partner! HOWDY PARTNER!”

The funniest part of the sketch was when Ellen commanded David to encourage several young men to steal a bottle of cologne.

“Just put in your pocket,” he told them. “Nobody’s looking.”

Ellen: Lady Antebellum Surprises Fans

Ellen shared a video she made with Charles, David, and Hillary from Lady Antebellum. The three musicians snuck into a restaurant and dressed up like kitchen staff. Two of their biggest fans were in the dining area of the restaurant being interviewed by Ellen’s camera crew.

The couple was hysterical. They were so unironically bland, the type of couple who forces themselves to have as much in common as possible, as though that makes them a better couple.

“Lady Antebellum would probably be our favorite group right now,” they said. “I don’t think we get in the car without putting Lady Antebellum on.”

As if that were nauseating enough, they said, “We always had the same ring tone. It was ‘I Run To You’ by Lady Antebellum.”

Ellen Hidden Camera: Lady Antebellum

A hidden camera even revealed later that the woman was lecturing the man about how he needs to project more. Oh how cute…

Anyway, the gag was that each member of Lady Antebellum would go out in disguise and serve the couple, to see whether the couple would recognize the band members.

David went out first but the couple didn’t recognize him. In fact, they hardly looked at him. Hillary went out next with pretty much the same lack of reaction.

It was only when Charles went out, making a point to stand right in front of the couple, that they realized what was going on.

As soon as they recognized Charles, they started laughing with shock. They got to talk to the band for a little while. The band even had a picture taken and framed.


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