Ellen: Dating Naked + No More Classic Joke Wednesday


Ellen TV: Where’s The Clothes On TV Shows

Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her show by talking about television and how it’s changed a lot over the years. She said as a kid she watched I Love Lucy and in that show Lucy and her husband slept in separate beds. “Now you turn on the TV and everybody’s [barely clothed],” Ellen joked.

She said it started with Naked and Afraid then came Naked Vegas and Naked Castaway. She also joked that Chelsea Handler never wears anything.


Ellen: Dating Naked Show

Ellen:Dating Show + No More Classic Joke Wednesday

Ellen talked about the popularity of television shows where they don’t wear clothes, and specifically, the show called Dating Naked. (Doremi / Shutterstock.com)

Now there’s a show called Dating Naked where people date, naked. She said each episode a man and a woman go on a blind date and at the end of the episode they pick who they have the best connection with. “VH1 calls it a social experiment,” Ellen said. “I call it a nightmare.”

She then played a clip of two people meeting for the first time. “Oh my god, you’re so naked,” the girl screamed out before they shook hands.


Ellen laughed about how the girl said she was feeling shocked when she’s the one who agreed to being on a show called Dating Naked. “Does she not understand she’s also naked?” Ellen joked.

Ellen TV: Dating Naked Zip-Lining Accident

Ellen then played a clip of two other people meeting, who hugged right away. She said the couples then go on a date, but they’re not regular dates. One couple went zip-lining, and yes, they did it without clothing. Another couple went on a boat and the guy tried to reenact the Titanic  moment by standing at the front of the boat. Ellen may have been faking tears, but I was cracking up!

Ellen showed how the girl who went zip-lining was at the end of the show. She held up her middle fingers and claimed she hated everything about dating without clothes on. That could have been because she ended up getting a black eye during her zip-lining accident. Wow, that a show! “Look for her new show, it’s called Naked and Angry,” Ellen joked.

Ellen: Dateline Without Clothes?

Ellen said that other networks are now trying to follow the whole “no clothing” craze and claimed she saw a show called Dateline Naked. It was your typical Dateline except as he was reporting the story, he stripped down. Yeah, no thanks!

Ellen TV: No More Classic Joke Wednesday?

Ellen said normally they do Classic Joke Wednesday, but this year, they won’t be doing it. Ellen said her writer Nick is really disappointed because he submitted a lot of jokes to her, but he wrote them with a dull pencil so they were pointless. Good one!

She said Nick is a great gardener and he also used to be a farmer but he quit because his celery wasn’t high enough. She then brought out Nick and told him they weren’t doing Classic Joke Wednesday. “I’m so mad,” Nick said. And when Ellen asked him how mad he was, he said he was “this mad” and then ripped his shirt off.

Ellen the announced that for season 12 they will be doing Classic Joke Friday. Nick ran back out and said he was so happy that he ripped his shirt off again!


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