Ellen: Dance Dares & What’s Wrong With These Photos


Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Photos

Ellen showed off some of the silly photos her viewers have shared with her. It’s nice that Ellen has taken all the best time wasting parts of the Internet and rolled them into her TV show.

  • Benjamin Rich from Medina, Ohio, sent in a picture of himself staring at the cleavage of one of his bridesmaids. Ellen joked that he was a “breast man” instead of a groom.
  • Sue Ellen Brown from Witchita, Kansas, sent in a photo she found on Craigslist when searching for apartments. It looked perfectly normal at first, but upon closer inspection, there was a naked person in the far right edge of the frame.
  • Frances You of Centerville, Virginia, sent in her brother’s yearbook photo from marching band, with the abbreviated caption “F. You.”
  • Diana Thrower from Buena Park, California, sent in a picture she took in Italy. It is an ad on the back of a bus, featuring an older woman making a peace sign. But in the center of the photo, where her breasts would be, were the bus’s two rear lights.
  • Tara Boshein in Estero, Florida, sent in a picture her son submitted for a class T-shirt design contest. She said her son’s image was not chosen. It featured the slogan, “Uranus is really cool!”

Ellen encouraged viewers to send in more photos they come across that are wacky or silly. They could be featured on her show.


Ellen: Dance Dares

Ellen encourages viewers to send in silly dancing videos. Have you ever secretly danced in a public place? (Image Credit: pjhpix / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Dance Dares

Ellen said she has been challenging viewers to make videos of themselves secretly dancing behind unsuspecting people. Even celebrities Zac Efron and Taylor Swift Did Ellen’s Dance Dare.

Ellen shared some recent submissions, including:

  • Kristin Caissey from Helena, Montana, an air traffic controller, snuck behind one of her coworkers on the tarmac.
  • Qias Omar broke it down behind a coworker in what looks like an Ikea; he popped up in at least two other departments.
  • BoBo & Bebe from Glenview, Illinois, got funky in a Starbucks, behind a busy barista.
  • Sergio Razta of Chicago danced behind a fellow customer in an electronics store.
  • Mascot Big Red from Western Kentucky University busted a move behind a student working on a computer, butended up getting caught.
  • Kristin Fenchak got groovy in an Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Target store.
  • Lindsay Doub of Bloomington, Illinois, danced in the office behind a fellow dental hygienist.
  • Deanna Senior of Rancho Mirage, California, did the Dance Dare behind either a school play performance or group of re-enactors.

Dance Dares do seem like a fun way to spice up your ordinary shopping trip. Ellen gave these dancers a $100 JC Penney gift card.

Ellen: Classic Joke Monday

It’s Monday, so Ellen shared a favorite joke. DJ Tony thought it was hilarious.

Why did Snoop Dog need an umbrella? (Fo’ drizzle.)

Ellen: Oscars 2012 Highlights

Ellen made some more vague jokes about the Oscars before showing a clip package of some of the night’s highlights.

They included Billy Crystal’s opening skits with George Clooney and Justin Beiber, as well as the Will Ferrell & Zach Galifinakis drum duo. The clip package also highlighted wins for Octavia Spencer, Meryl Streep, and the night’s big winner, The Artist.


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