Ellen: Dance Dare Voting, Bad Prom Photos & Tony Karaoke


Ellen’s Tony Karaoke: “Baby Got Back” Lyrics

Do you think DJ Tony knows the words to any song? Maybe Ellen DeGeneres should start him off on simple children’s rhymes, such as “Row Your Boat” or something. But at least he’s committed to doing a bad job during Ellen’s new favorite segment, Tony Karaoke.

She has Tony sing popular songs he plays on the show all the time, and shows everyone in the audience the actual lyrics as Tony butchers them. Today’s first song was “Baby Got Back”:


…big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can’t deny
[Mumbles] You get sprung
Baby, I want to get with you
Me so horny

Ellen: Dance Dare Vote

Ellen wants your vote for who should win her Dance Dare contest. Meet the latest finalist.

Ellen: Jeffrey Chang, Canada Dance Dare Finalist

Ellen DeGeneres revealed yet another of her Dance Dare finalists, who need your votes to win her competition. Whose secretive dances do you think were best?


Today’s finalist was Jeffrey Chang from Brossard, Canada, and his Dance Dare highlights featured unsuspecting Walmart customers and mall patrons. I know the competition is ending soon, but I hope people continue to do these wacky Dance Dares all summer long.

If you want to vote for your favorite finalists, you can see all the contenders and support your favorite on Ellen’s website, ellentv.com.

Ellen: Bad Paid For Prom Photos

Just in time for a big dance of another type, Ellen shared some viewer submitted Bad Prom Photos.

  • Rita from Texas sent in her son’s 1987 prom picture, in which his date towered over him and he wore a concerned expression. “That’s the same face he’s going to make when he sees this on television,” Ellen predicted.
  • Katherine of Tennessee dusted off a 1972 promo photo. She took her neighbor, Mike, as a date. If you ever wonder how long ago 1972 was, you should find a prom picture from back then.
  • Amanda in Illinois turned in her mother’s totally ‘80s prom portrait, in which I can’t decide whether she or her date had the craziest hair.
  • Andrew from Ohio turned in a picture of her friend modeling her prom dress, while a pantsless man lurked in the background.

Ellen Shop: Mother’s Day Baby Gifts

If you’re going to Ellen’s show, or just shopping online, she shared some new products in the Ellen Shop that are relevant with Mother’s Day approaching on May 12 2012. There is a “Laugh, Dance, Drool” bib, a onesie (but not the Adult Onesie), and a cap.

Ellen: The Avengers Baby Cape

Inspired by the blockbuster success of the new action comic book movie The Avengers, Ellen created a baby cape, hoping to sell it for $207 million in her Ellen Shop.

Ellen Dance Song: “California Love”

Better late than never. Ellen surprised her audience with a later-than-usual dance to the classic 2Pac song “California Love.”


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