Ellen Dance Dare, Celebrity Apprentice & World’s Smallest Chameleon


Ellen: Celebrity Apprentice

Ellen said she hoped that her fans would be watching Celebrity Apprentice, because this season they have “really interesting” people, specifically naming Aresenio Hall and Clay Aiken.

Ellen: World's Smallest Chameleon

Ellen told her fans that the world's smallest chameleon is smaller than a human fingernail.


“If you don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, first of all, what’s wrong with you?” Ellen said. “Second of all, here’s how it works.”

She then began to explain the show to her fans. Whether she is somehow sponsored by the Celebrity Apprentice‘s production company or she simply loves the show was unclear.

Donald Trump has the hardest job of all telling Gary Busey he’s not on the show this season,” Ellen joked.


Ellen said that despite that many people think that reality shows are a waste of time, she has learned “a whole lot” from The Apprentice.

“Whenever I’m in a difficult situation, I think about what Flavor Flav would do and then I do the opposite,” she said.

Ellen Dance Dare

Ellen goaded her DJ Tony to do his own dance dare video.

“I’m actually going to try one this weekend,” he said.

Ellen then showed a hysterical video montage of her most recent submissions to the dance dare competition.

The video clips were hilarious. All sorts of people danced obnoxiously to unknowing bystanders.

“That is so much fun to watch!” Ellen said and announced that everyone whose dance dare video was shown would be rewarded with a $100 JC Penney gift card.

Ellen: World’s Smallest Chameleon

Ellen announced to her fans that scientists have recently discovered the world’s tiniest chameleon, Brookesia micra , in Madagascar. She showed an amazing picture of it. Apparently this chameleon isn’t even as big as a human fingernail when it’s fully grown.

“How do you know to look for something like that?” Ellen asked. “Now I don’t want to walk through the jungle anymore because they’re so tiny.”

Ellen said that, “Unlike other chameleons, it doesn’t change colors.”

Then she showed a hysterical picture of the chameleon with a fake mustache and cheesy sunglasses.


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