Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy “I Lost Three Penises” & Funny Audience Dances


Ellen: dancing like “drunk wild monkeys”

“Over the years the show’s become known for a few different things: my impeccable wit, Tony’s fake accent and dancing,” Ellen said. “A lot of the dancing in the studio the people at home don’t ever get to see…Some of that is for the best.”

Ellen: Tony sings "Sexy and I Know It"

Ellen: Tony struggles to sing "Sexy and I know It" (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen showed several videos of random audience members dancing. Some audience members were quite talented with good senses of rhythm and with physical fluidity. However, others were absolutely atrocious. One female audience member even did the infamously hackneyed move, “the sprinkler.” Needless to say, it was hilarious.

Ellen said she’s noticed a pattern in the way that her audience members tend to dance.

“For some reason, they immediately turn around to show off their badonkadonks,” she said.


Then she aired a video montage of countless audience members shaking their booties on stage to Outkast‘s “Hey Ya.” Some did it in a way that was genuinely sexy, while others were more comical than anything else.

“I am so impressed by the level of confidence that people have,” Ellen said in reference to the excessive booty shaking.

“To everyone who’s danced like nobody’s looking or like a drunk wild monkey on television, I dedicate this dance to you,” she said and then began dancing up and down the aisles of her audience. However, Ellen‘s dancing was not all like a drunk wild monkey. It was far more subdued and tasteful than the dancing exhibited by her audience members.

Ellen: Tony sings “Sexy and I Know It”

Tony, nobody dances like my audience,” she said. “And nobody sings like you!”

Tony laughed as Ellen continued to tease him.

“Even tony admits that when it comes to learning lyrics, he’s not necessarily…what’s the word?…GOOD,” Ellen said jokingly.

She showed a clip of Tony singing a karaoke version of “Sexy and I Know It.” As Tony‘s karaoke often is, it was hysterically awful. Most of the time, he made up words to sing with a notably shaky sense of pitch, lyrical flow, and rhythm. Basically, the music was “Sexy and I Know It,” but whatever it was that Tony was singing, was most definitely not.

Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy “I lost three penises”

Ellen ran her latest installment in the segment “Clumsy Thumbsy.”

“You know when you text somebody and autocorrect jumps in to correct it and sometimes it gets it right and sometimes it doesn’t,” she said.

The segment featured various fan-submitted text messages in which autocorrect messed up the intended meaning of the text.

Typical of the type of humor found in all of them, one text message said, “I weighed myself today and lost three penises,” though the sender clearly meant pounds.


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