Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday & ‘What’s Wrong With These Signs?’ Signs


Ellen: Tony in the Splash Tank?

While on the East Coast we’re enjoying changing leaves and gentle autumn breezes, that is apparently not the case for Los Angeles. Ellen reported that L.A. is currently having a major heat wave, but she also had a great suggestion for a ways to cool down, including DJ Tony taking a dip in the Splash Tank for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Notoriously shy Tony wasn’t sure about taking his clothes off; but if it’s good enough for Liam Neeson, it’s good enough for Tony!

Ellen October 2

Ellen met one of her biggest fans, Tom, and debuted a new joke for Classic Joke Tuesday. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Another great way to keep cool is with Ellen’s Classic Joke Tuesday. This week’s edition was a classic pirate theme:

“How much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced? A buck-an-ear.”

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Boy Web Video

Ellen’s latest viral video find is a little boy who’s having a rough day; he just wants to sing a Nicki Minaj song, but his mom won’t let him! Thankfully, someone videotaped his woes, which are both adorable and hilarious.


“I don’t want the bad word version, I want the clean version!” he cries. Ellen demanded that the tiny tot join her on the show. He should definitely do it; look how well it turned out for Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Signs? Signs

Next up, Ellen took a look at some weird, wacky signs with her popular photo segment, “‘What’s Wrong With These Signs?’ Signs.” Kathy from Pennsylvania sent in a picture of a sign from a motel that read “have your next affair here.” Tamara from Tennessee snapped a pic of a sign from a water park that highlighted an important rule: “You are not allowed to anything that begins with the words ‘Hey, Y’all, Watch this!’”  Solid advice!

Tara from Georgia sent in a picture of a banner that read, “Expose yourself to 25,000 cars per day.” Ellen was quite impressed. “That’s ambitious, my record is six,” she said.

Ellen: Dancing Audience Member Tom

Ellen recently met Tom, plus his fantastic dance moves, when he appeared as an audience member on her show. His flamboyant personality and enthusiasm stood out to her, so she invited him down for a chat. Tom is from Ohio, and had been trying to get tickets to Ellen for two years. He loves dancing and has lost 70 pounds after suffering from two strokes. Tom is not afraid to shake his booty, because he said he thinks of himself as the sexiest man alive!

Ellen loves Tom’s confidence and fun-loving attitude, so she gave her new friend a brand new television to watch her from. Plus, Tom received an incredible honor; Ellen invited him to the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. to see her accept the Mark Twain Humor Prize later this month. Looks like they are new BFFs!


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