Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday & Strange Product Reviews


Ellen: Classic Joke Monday Returns as Classic Joke Tuesday

Hopefully, you didn’t spend too much time mourning the loss of Classic Joke Monday, Ellen’s recently retired segment. Despite the fact that Ellen showed a lengthy (and emotionally stirring) video tribute in order to say goodbye to the segment, it has now been revived in a new form: say hello to Classic Joke Tuesday!

The audience was sure glad to see the segment return, and Ellen had a great joke to share for the first edition of Classic Joke Tuesday. “What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where’s popcorn?”


Ellen September 18

Ellen welcomed back Classic Joke Monday as Classic Joke Tuesday on September 18. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Tony liked that one a lot, too. Welcome back, classic jokes!

Ellen: New Ellen Underwear and Socks Review

Ellen was also happy to report the arrival of new underwear and socks to the Ellen store. Take a peek if you’re in the market for Ellen’s classic underwear, now in a colorful stripe pattern.


Ellen: Strange Product Reviews

Ellen also showed off some pretty strange products. The first was the “Hug Me Jacket,” a coat for someone who is both cold and lonely. It’s hard to describe, but imagine this: there are ten arms, made of puffy down coat material, wrapping themselves around you. Pretty creepy.

“If you didn’t have friends before, I don’t think you’re gonna make any new ones wearing that,” Ellen said.

Another strange product was “the Hitch Pole.” The very useful (that’s sarcasm, there) device is a stripper pole that attaches to the back of your pick-up truck. “Now you can back that thing up while you’re waiting to back that thing up,” Ellen suggested.


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