Ellen: Cinco De Mayo, National Salad Month & The Avengers Trailer


Ellen: Cinco De Mayo

Ellen DeGeneres is excited about kicking off this weekend, with its popular holiday celebrating Mexican heritage and culture. Cinco De Mayo, she explained, “is Spanish for sink full of mayonnaise.”

She correctly noted that the date observes “Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.” Since it’s on a weekend this year, I’m sure there will be even more drunken revelry than usual. If you’re feeling like slipping into the holiday spirit early, May 4 is National No Pants Day.


Ellen National Salad Month

Did you know May is National Salad Month? Find out what other holidays are coming up this month.

Though Ellen is keeping her pants on, she said that DJ Tony is under no such obligation. She shared a photograph of him in a fuschia tube top and Ellen Underwear.

Ellen: May 2012 Holidays

Ellen also found out that this is the 20th anniversary of May being declared National Salad Month. Mark your calendars, because also this month are holidays such as Fatigue Day (May 12) and National Teachers Day (May 8). There truly is a holiday for everything.


Memorial Day is just around the corner, and Ellen reminded us that we can get ready to “celebrate the exceptional deals on mattresses.” Later this summer, July 28 2012, is National Dance Day.

Ellen: The Avengers Opening Weekend

Another way you can celebrate this weekend is by seeing the new movie The Avengers, which opened May 4 2012. To celebrate, Ellen has invited two of the film’s stars, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson, to talk with her about it.

As so often happens to poor Ellen, she was in an early cut of the film, playing a character called The Rambler. She showed a version of the trailer featuring her character.

Ellen spent time ironing her cape and wondering why Iron Man wasn’t handling her wardrobe. Her superpower was babbling, which of course she is great at. Her humor ruins tension like nothing else, and one of her more babbling sequences was about Las Vegas, Elton John, and the contents of food buffets. She also rambled about Patrick Swayze and baby names.

“Apparently they had to cut me out because otherwise the running time was three and a half days,” Ellen admitted.

Ellen’s cape twirling was anticlimactic when juxtaposed with the explosions and high flying adventures of the more gifted superheroes of The Avengers. It’s safe to say they made the right decision in editing her out of the movie.

Ellen: Hot Glam Girl Bad Photos

Do you have embarrassing photos you’d love for Ellen to get her hands on? Well, if you are attending her show anytime soon, just post them to your Facebook and she will find them.

Otherwise, you’ll have to submit them for one of her segments, such as Hot Glam Girl, where she showcases Bad Paid For Photos.

  • Lori from New Jersey sent in a photo of herself in an Eagles jersey, posing awkwardly with a football.
  • Brenda of Tennessee submitted a 1994 photo of herself in a leather jacket. She had handcuffs entangled between her shirt collar and smiling mouth.
  • Sharon in Missouri sent a photo of herself swaddled in something resembling a turquoise shroud, which she believed was “mysterious.”
  • Amanda from Illinois shared an upsetting portrait of her mother’s boyfriend, who was shirtless except for his bowtie.

Ellen Dance Song: “Push It”

Ellen spiced up her Cinco De Mayo audience dance with Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”


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