Ellen: Celebrity Dance Dares: Johnny Depp, Will Smith & Maya Rudolph


Ellen Hungover?

Ellen’s Show on May 21, 2012 included a hilarious starting segment complete with Celebrity Dance Dares and a “Cheesy Joke… Opa!” for classic joke Monday.

“Yesterday was my mama’s birthday,” Ellen said.


“I’m still hungover–it was a rager!”

Ellen: Celebrity Dance Dares

Ellen showed clips from Celebrity Dance Dares & spoke about Finding Nemo in 3D (doesn't this fish look like Nemo?!?!).

This was particularly funny because Ellen‘s mother, Betty, is 82 years old and has been on the show before.


“Happy birthday mama!” Ellen said. “I love ya!”

Ellen laughed and said that saying ‘Happy Birthday’ on-air was her birthday present.

Ellen: Cheesy Joke…Opa!

As part of Classic Joke Monday, Ellen told Tony a joke she heard from Phil in the prop department.

The joke was, “What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?”

Tony bypassed any guessing and asked Ellen for the answer.

“An investigator.”

Everyone laughed at how cheesy the joke was.

“Good one, Phil,” Ellen said. “You’re fired.”

Ellen Dance Dares

Adding to the humor, Ellen showed a montage of clips she had accumulated from a new gag she’s been pulling during commercial breaks.

“During commercial breaks I would distract my guests while my crew comes up behind them,” she said.

Ellen said everyone on the show loves to dance, so she thought it’d be funny to have crew members sneak up behind celebrity guests during commercial breaks and dance obnoxiously while the guests, oblivious to the dancing, continued to talk to Ellen.

The montage was hilarious. Celebrity guests like Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Will Smith and many others, would sit and casually chat with Ellen while random crewmembers would sneak up behind them and dance, often semi-erotically, to a heavy techno song. Two guests featured in the montage, Maya Rudolph and Robert Downing Jr., actually noticed something strange was happening and caught the crewmembers gyrating and air thrusting. It was really funny.

Finding Nemo in 3D Review

Ellen announced that Finding Nemo is going to be rereleased in 3D this fall. Beneath her feigned smile, Ellen seemed rather upset about it.

“They won’t make a second movie, but they’ll add a third dimension,” she said.

Ellen ran a mock preview for the film that featured several mini-previews for fake versions of the film that aren’t actually being made. For example, there was a mini-preview for a version in which all characters were wearing moustaches and top hats. Another mini-preview was for a version that “looks like it’s in 3D but it’s just blurry.” The fake previews were clearly intended to articulate Ellen‘s frustration with Disney and Pixar for not making a sequel. The last shot of the video said, “Sequel? We don’t need no stinking sequel.”

After making fun of the 3D version, Ellen aired the world premiere of its trailer.


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