Ellen: Cat Plays with Bird Video & Perfume Problems


Ellen: Perfume Accident

Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t winking to hit on anyone today. She was having side effects from spraying herself in the eye with perfume. She explained that she assumed the sprayer would be lined up with the bottle’s label, but she was wrong.

Many in the audience admitted they’d also had accidents spraying perfume. Ellen said that perfume is confusing anyway, because they never instruct you on how to apply perfume. She said that you can learn how to navigate stairs or exit a pool in a perfume commercial, but not how to use the actual product.


She said she learned about proper perfume misting thanks to her work with Cover Girl. Read about Ellen and Sofia Vergara’s Cover Girl Commercial.

Ellen: Cat of the Year

Ellen shared a video of a cat playing gently with a bird, and named this animal her Cat of the Year.

Ellen: Cupcakes Confiscated by Airport

If you’ve been to an airport in the last decade, you probably know all about the security screenings you have to go through to get on a plane. Ellen reported that a woman recently had her cupcakes confiscated by security personnel, because they contained more than the 3 oz. limit of gel.


“How does Pauly D ever fly?” Ellen wondered in response to this rule. What’s your least favorite airport security rule?

Ellen: Cat of the Year Video with Bird

Ellen DeGeneres did her Two Cute segment of animals who are up to cute behavior. Today she had a video of a cat and parakeet playing gently together. Both animals were playful, and the cat was patient with his feathered friend.

Watch Cat Playing with Bird on YouTube.

In response to the video, Ellen named this feline Cat of the Year. But she encouraged everyone to send in their photos and videos. “I dare you to find me a better cat than that,” she said.

Ellen: Golden Globes Flashback

Ellen looked back at the winners of the 2012 Golden Globes, including director Steven Spielberg, as well as Martin Scorsese and the incomparable Meryl Streep. She said she predicted Meryl would win for The Iron Lady, and went on to predict she’d win the Oscar, which turned out to be true a few weeks later.

Ellen also congratulated the Claire Danes Showtime drama Homeland, and the PBS hit Downton Abbey, which has become a runaway sensation. The Artist won awards at the Golden Globes for best film and best actor, and it went on to do well at the Oscars this year too. Read about Ellen’s Oscars Reaction.

Madonna won an award at the Golden Globes for best song, and Ellen praised Madonna’s always impressive physique. Ellen shared a video clip of how strong the singer’s arms look, in which she actually squeezed the head off her Golden Globe statuette.

Ellen: 2012 NFL Season

Ellen complained vaguely about old football scores in today’s encore episode. Apparently her favorite teams were all eliminated from the running over the weekend before this show originally aired. Do you bet on football? Who are your favorite teams? What inspires your loyalty?

Ellen Dance Song: “Dancing Machine”

Being sprayed in the eye didn’t seem to affect Ellen’s dancing. She and the audience danced to The Jackson 5 classic “Dancing Machine.”

Download an MP3 of “Dancing Machine” by The Jackson 5.


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