Ellen: Breakups, Eavesdropping, and Funny Photos


Ellen Breakups & Eavesdropping

Ellen said that she had recently been eavesdropping on another table’s conversation while she was dining at a restaurant. She also shared her latest Funny Photos later in the segment.

She said that she started to feel concerned when she heard the couple saying things like “I’m sorry” and “I still love you.” Eventually, she realized that the couple was breaking up.


Ellen Jokes Funny Photos

Ellen shared some of her favorite funny photos and told the story of how she eavesdropped on a couple breaking up. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“Why would anyone breakup at a restaurant?” she asked, explaining all of the awful things that could go wrong during the breakup process at a restaurant.

Ellen said that the experience reminded her to “never ever take a relationship for granted.”


Then she looked at her adoring audience and said “I said when I started this show nine years ago that I am in a relationship with my audience and we are not breaking up.”

Of course, Ellen said that to keep a relationship fresh, you’ve got to spice it up a little bit. True to form, she said her favorite way to do that is dancing.

Ellen: Funny Photos

Ellen aired the latest installment in her segment, “What’s Wrong With These Photos? Photos.” The segment features funny pictures that are taken and sent to Ellen by her fans.

Ellen: Elevator in China

The first picture was sent to Ellen by a woman who was shopping at a department store when she took the picture. It was of a sign that said, “For your convenience, an elevator is located in China.”

“Great–first they took our jobs and now they took our elevators,” Ellen teased. “Even worse, the ladies room is in North Korea.”

Ellen: Large Rock Photo

The second photo was taken in the parking lot of a Food Lion. It was posted right beside and a large rock and it read, “Notice: Large Rock.”

Ellen: Missing Bird Photo

The third photo was taken while one of Ellen’s fans was out for a walk. It was a picture of a flier that was stapled to a wooden light post. The flier was advertising a reward for information regarding a missing pet bird. A picture of the pet bird was on the flier and next to the bird was a very large cat.

“I’m no Columbo, but I think the victim may have known the attacker,” Ellen joked. “They said ever since the bird disappeared, the cat’s been so depressed he’s barely eaten.”


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