Ellen Best of Season 9: Jennifer Aniston, Jane Lynch & Titanic


Ellen Best of Season 9: Jennifer Aniston

After Ellen asked what her audience’s plans were for the weekend, she said, “I’ll be watching the MTV Movie Awards.” She joked that they are “the only awards where Pauly Shore has been nominated as many times as Meryl Streep. This opening joke led into the Ellen Best of Season 9 Awards. For this, Ellen stood at a podium and read awards for different categories.

Jennifer Aniston: Ellen Best of Season 9

Jennifer Aniston & other past guests were honored with the Ellen Best of Season 9 awards. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


The first award went to Jennifer Aniston for “best tomfoolery of the season,” for her Ellen In Your Ear segment. Ellen showed the clip. It showed Jennifer seeking bicycle assistance from a young man and acting really silly upon Ellen‘s command. It was hysterical.

“Does it have a greasy chain?” Ellen bade Jennifer to ask the young man. “Cause that would have been my nickname in high school.”

Ellen Best of Season 9: Jane Lynch

The second award went to Jane Lynch for having the best impression of Ellen when she was wheeled onstage pretending to be a Wax Statue of Ellen. In the clip, Jane looked frozen in place, like a wax statue, when she gets wheeled onstage.


“We made the wax pliable so you can actually move it,” Ellen said as she bended Jane‘s arms and legs into silly positions.

Ellen Best of Season 9: Melissa McCarthy

The third award went to Melissa McCarthy for best stunt driving. The clip featured Melissa and Ellen pretending to ride motorcycles and Melissa got a bunch of ping-pong balls dropped on her.

Ellen awarded the fourth award was brought out by a man in drag. The category was for best performance by an actress in a movie she was never actually in.

Ellen Best of Season 9: Ellen Titanic Cameo

“The winner is me for my cameo in the director’s cut of Titanic,” Ellen said.

The Ellen Titanic Clip was hilarious. It showed Ellen as an extra character in the scene of Titanic in which Jack draws Rose nude. Her added character is a painter who appears to be painting Rose while Jack draws her, but at the end of the scene, she shows her “masterpiece” to Rose and it’s just a stick figure with huge boobs.


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